Modern Concierge Unveiled: The Journey of a Toronto-Based Lifestyle Visionary

Meet our founder, the visionary entrepreneur Tina Iaquinta, whose passion for delivering unparalleled service created Modern Concierge.

Welcome to an exclusive glimpse into the world of Modern Concierge, where the personalized care of leading personal concierge service in Toronto meets the visionary drive of female entrepreneur Tina Iaquinta.  From humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone of luxury lifestyle management, this journey has been fueled by a passion for delivering unparalleled service. In this intimate look, we celebrate the milestones, the innovation, and the dedicated approach that sets us apart.

Q: Can you share the story behind the inception of Modern Concierge? What inspired you to start this company? 

A: The journey to starting Modern Concierge was born out of a personal crossroads. Post-job loss and with two young children at home, I faced a choice: return to the corporate world or pursue my entrepreneurial dream. The idea of creating a personal concierge service struck me as the perfect blend of my resourcefulness, curiosity, and desire to enrich lives. Despite my background in finance, I was drawn to the dynamic and fulfilling world of personal concierge services. So, I took the plunge, excited to embark on a venture that felt deeply aligned with my skills and passions. 

Q: How has Modern Concierge evolved since its establishment in 2011? 

A: Since 2011, Modern Concierge has transformed from a solo venture into a comprehensive membership-based service. Initially intended to be a personal assistant to a few, I quickly realized the broader potential. Our growth was propelled by the demand for services that enhance overall lifestyle quality. We’ve adapted our model to fit each client’s unique needs, expanding our team and offerings to cater to a diverse range of requests, from home management to travel booking and beyond. A pivotal growth milestone was welcoming Alix Stark as a partner, broadening our vision and capabilities. 

Q: What sets Modern Concierge apart from other concierge services? 

What sets Modern Concierge apart is not just our dedication to personalization but also our proactive approach in enriching our members’ lifestyles. More than focusing on leisure and luxury alone, we aim to uplift every aspect of our members’ lives. By tailoring our communication and services to fit the unique preferences of each individual, we transcend the role of mere service providers to become indispensable partners in lifestyle management. Our strategy centers on deeply understanding and even anticipating the needs of our clients, positioning our services as an essential element of their daily lives and setting us apart in the realm of luxury concierge services. 

Q: Could you share an example of a challenge Modern Concierge faced and how it was overcome? 

A: A significant challenge we faced was adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic. Previously reliant on in-person interactions, we swiftly transitioned to a virtual model. This not only tested our flexibility but also pushed us to deepen our partner relationships and find innovative solutions to maintain our service standards. Despite initial client hesitations, we found new ways to be indispensable, handling tasks from organizing special occasions to sourcing everyday items—all virtually. This period reaffirmed our adaptability and deepened our commitment to our clients. 

Q: Can you share a success story or memorable experience that Modern Concierge facilitated for a client? 

A: One standout moment was when a client faced a kitchen disaster right before hosting a large dinner. Despite the panic, we managed to resolve the issue within hours, thanks to our network and efficiency. What made this situation memorable was the immense gratitude from the client, who had access to a wide support network yet found our service unparalleled. This reaffirmed the unique value we bring, providing peace of mind and solutions when they’re needed most. 

Q: Looking towards the future, what vision do you have for Modern Concierge? Are there new services or expansions on the horizon? 

A: Looking ahead, I see Modern Concierge expanding its reach and refining our service offerings. We’re exploring technological enhancements to complement our personal touch and planning to introduce Modern Concierge to new markets, including expansions into cities like Austin and New York. Our focus remains on growth, innovation, and deepening the trust and relationships with our clients, ensuring we continue to enhance their lives in meaningful ways. 

Our story is a testament to the passion and vision that drive us to offer nothing short of excellence to each member. Whether you’re looking to become a member and enjoy the myriad benefits of a concierge service or interested in exploring partnership opportunities, Modern Concierge is here to elevate your lifestyle to new heights. Reach out to us today to discover how we can tailor our services to fit your unique needs, making your life not just easier, but truly extraordinary. 

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