Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions to help you better understand our services.

What services does Modern Concierge offer?

We offer support for everything in your personal life. Whether you need a reservation, source a nanny or cleaner, a family vacation planned, or to walk the red carpet – we have a membership that is right for you.

We’re your all-in-one concierge solution, covering everything you need. Unlike many competitors focusing on one aspect, we’ve partnered with experts in every field for over a decade. From home care to appointment booking to VIP access – we’ve got you covered.

Our personal membership begins with a detailed four-month onboarding process to thoroughly understand your likes and dislikes, everything from your favourite musician to significant dates, ensuring you never overlook important occasions. We’ll be your diligent assistant, making sure all special moments are celebrated while you relish life to its fullest.

Interested in our corporate memberships? Reach out for further details!

Our concierge offerings are tailored for entrepreneurs, executives, and active families seeking to streamline their daily routines, freeing up their time for what truly matters. Perfect for busy professionals needing personal support, companies looking to offer unique benefits, or anyone seeking to reduce stress and increase leisure, we deliver solutions that blend luxury with practical efficiency.

We cannot suspend the laws of physics and we insist on keeping things legal and ethical. But within those constraints, we can be very creative. Simply talk to us if there’s something unusual you’d like assistance with.

Absolutely! Our concierge service specializes in handling all aspects of travel and accommodation. Whether it’s arranging straightforward bookings for flights, hotels, or car rentals, or creating tailor-made, unforgettable travel experiences worldwide, we’ve got you covered. Our team is dedicated to ensuring seamless travel arrangements that align perfectly with your preferences and needs.

With our vast industry network, we have VIP access to an array of exclusive events, from sold-out shows and sporting events to festivals and VIP parties. Your interests and preferences are our priority, ensuring the best access and unforgettable experiences.

You can make unlimited requests each month, and we’re dedicated to excellence in service. If request volume is exceptionally high, we’ll discuss optimizing our services for you. Our aim is to provide a concierge experience that truly enhances your lifestyle.

Our extensive network includes trusted vendors from diverse industries such as hospitality, entertainment, travel, personal services, home services, and more. Our aim is to offer our clients access to top-notch experts in every field.

Canceling your membership is straightforward; simply notify us 30 days in advance. We’re confident, however, that once you experience our service, you’ll want to continue enjoying the benefits it brings to your life.

On average, Modern Concierge members save several hours weekly, though the exact time varies by individual needs and required assistance level. Our dedicated concierge service enables members to concentrate on more significant life aspects, offering convenience and efficiency.