Essential Corporate Membership

Elevate your client care experience with our Corporate Concierge Membership, designed for companies eager to offer VIP treatment. This membership covers all basic concierge services, including reservations, travel arrangements, curated experiences, and thoughtful gifting, among others. Ideal for businesses that prioritize their clients’ enjoyment and peace of mind, freeing them from the minutiae of daily tasks.

Corporate Benefits

Client Satisfaction

Personalized services make clients feel valued, boosting their overall satisfaction and lifestyle enjoyment.

Competitive Edge

Differentiates your brand in the market, offering unique value that attracts clients.

Client Retention and Loyalty

Builds strong, lasting relationships, encouraging clients to stay longer and increasing their lifetime value.

Referral Generation

Happy clients often share their positive experiences, naturally bringing in new business through word-of-mouth.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Satisfied clients are more open to exploring additional offerings, leading to higher sales and service engagement.

Your clients will love it.

We save your clients time.

We help clients achieve an improved quality of life.

We handle the details

We alleviate the stress of daily responsibilities.

We help clients achieve enhanced productivity.

Services Offered

travel planning

Tailored itineraries that promise unforgettable journeys.


Premium, comfortable, and timely arrangements.

dining reservations

Access to the finest culinary experiences.

self-care reservations

Elite wellness and spa bookings.


Exclusive access to sought-after sports and concert events.

gift curation

Curated selection of gifts for every occasion.


Get that special bottle, rare item or the perfect venue.


Exclusive experiences at your fingertips.


Never forget key dates and events, making every moment count.

How it Works


Understanding Your company

To better serve your clients, our onboarding process is designed to delve into the unique aspects of your company, enabling us to tailor our services to your specific requirements.



We will work with you to select the best members for your exclusive concierge program.



Selected clients will be onboarded, with special attention paid to preferences and requests, ensuring a seamless experience.


Ongoing Requests

Once activated, unlimited possibilities await. Your dedicated concierge team will ensure your clients are well informed and supported.

Apply now to access our elite services and expertise.