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Planning a family vacation? Learn 6 tips that will help you stay sane while traveling with your kids.

For parents everywhere, the last year and a half has been a lesson of patience within many facets of our lives. The main one centered around learning how to co-exist with our kids – non-stop. While we all carry an overflowing well of love for our children, spending day in and day out with them in close quarters over the course of 2 years would drive any parent up a wall.

Fortunately for us, back-to-school season is in full effect, meaning days filled with never-ending messes, restless zoom classes, and quarrelling siblings are over – at least for 8 hours. Now you get to regain your semi-peaceful work days where the only thing testing your patience is your photocopier.

As families are beginning to be diverted back into their respective lives, many are seeing the value that came from spending quality time together. The keyword here being “quality,” not quantity.

If you’re thinking of planning a getaway with your family for the holiday season that awaits us, you may need some help ensuring the past does not repeat itself.

So, what are some things we can do to ensure we stay sane while travelling with the kids?

Tip 1 – Pack all the essentials

Ensure you have enough snacks, water, toys, games, etc., to keep them occupied (and pleasant) on road trips or flights.

Tip 2 – Keep them in the loop

“Where are we going?” and “Are we there yet?” can generally be avoided with just a little communication. Keep the kids informed on where you’re heading, how long it will take, and all the fun things to do that await them.

Tip 3 – Know your route

Whether it’s the airport, train station, or driving route, be sure to familiarize yourself with where you’re going before you embark on your family vacation. Look at maps of terminals and airlines as well as the area that you will be vacationing in. This avoids the confusion that can often lead to kids becoming restless.

Tip 4 – Plan

While most family vacations don’t always go as planned, try your best to create a strategy for your trip and determine what activities you’ll do at your destination. Such as museums, parks, etc. You’ll also want to take a look at family-friendly restaurants to dine at.

Tip 5 – Get kids involved

The best way to take control over the situation is to give kids a bit of their own. Allow them to choose their own activities while at your destination. During your planning, you should try to find a few beforehand, so you have options ready for them to pick from.

Tip 6 – Do your research

If you’re travelling internationally, learn about any customs that may be different from yours before the trip, so you’re not surprised by the rules when you arrive. This is a great way to get your kids more acquainted with new cultures.

Above all else, it’s essential for your peace of mind that you practice patience with your kids. These are tiny, underdeveloped humans we’re talking about here! Be present with the quality time you get to have with them and share the experience together. It’s also important to be flexible. As we said, family vacations don’t always go as planned. Be open to going with the flow and taking it all as a learning experience along the way!

Planning a getaway can take a lot of time and patience that not all working professionals with families can get around to doing. Modern Concierge is a great resource to help create an unforgettable family vacation, from booking flights and hotels to getting you into the best attractions and restaurants. All you have to worry about is getting the kids to behave and packing the sunscreen. Contact us for more details today!


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