Meet your Modern Concierge

More time to create a life you love.

Grab your phone & consider it done

Tickets to a show? Done. Leaky Faucet? Fixed.  Dinner Party? Planned.
One monthly fee gives you an unlimited, around-the-clock concierge service. We make the calls, run the errands and pull off the miracles for you.



“With only a day or two of notice, and with almost no availability anywhere in the city, Tina and her team somehow got us multiple dining options at desirable places, at the exact time we wanted. All it took was a quick text message. Having that kind of service and access is priceless to us. They handle all of our date nights now.”


“When I was on vacation I really liked this wine that I couldn’t find anywhere when I got home. I contacted Tina and within a few days of me requesting help, her team was able to source it and set up delivery right to my door. Without hesitation they got it done and found exactly what I was looking for. Such a great team to work with and I highly recommend them for their customer service.”


“For anything I need,they know who to call.”


“Modern Concierge helped me plan a last minute weekend getaway to Minneapolis to visit my family. With their help, I was quickly able to book a flight, car, and hotel. They sent me a full itinerary and calendar invites for each booking and took care of scheduling everything. All I had to do was provide a few details and it was done. I know I am not going to be using anyone else but them for my travel bookings.”

For people with priorities

Our clients tend to be busy couples and high-performing individuals.
People who want to focus on what they value most and delegate the rest.
And they don’t mind the perks of having a well-connected concierge always on call.


Save Your Time

Create more value

Enjoy the perks

The best of the best at your service

Want to walk the red carpet at the Oscars? Need an arborist who can revive your Cherry Birch? Trying to find a left-handed banjo for your niece? As long as it’s legal and ethical, we can get it done. Our network of connections is truly elite. As a Modern Concierge member, our people become your people.


There’s a service level that suits your lifestyle.




Make everything run smoothly, from sports and entertainment to dinner parties and date nights.
Access to a team of professionals

Concierge Plus

Most popular


Streamline your self-care, home-care, auto-care, travel, shopping, deliveries and more.
Support from a dedicated individual

Concierge Premium


Your own full-time assistant Your own full-time assistant, Your own full-time assistant
Access to a dedicated team of professionals
A table where and when you want it
Sporting events
From the ACC to Wimbleton and Pebble Beach
From sold-out concerts to the hottest festivals and premieres
Red carpet access
From art openings and fashion shows to the Oscars hottest festivals and premieres
Car and driver
We’ll arrange service to take you where you need to go
Elite sourcing
Get that special bottle, rare item or perfect venue
Experience curation
The best ideas to entertain friends or enjoy a date
Professional services
Referrals to excellent executive coaches, personal stylists, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, realtors and more
Modern networking
Socialize with other Modern Concierge members
Travel booking
Have the best flights and hotels booked for you
Have the best tradespeople screened and booked for you
Have your winter tires and routine maintenance handled
Have your therapist, trainer or spa booked for you
Remember every birthday, anniversary and deadline
Personal shopping
Have the perfect gift for every occasion found and delivered
We pick it up and drop it off for you
On-site assistance
A full-time personal assistant with access to all the resources of the Modern Concierge platform

Meet the Core Team


Tina created this for you In 2011, our CEO noticed that many of the executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and heads-of-household in her social circle were overwhelmed with responsibilities. She created Modern Concierge to help reduce their stress, give them more time, and enhance their sense of happiness and well-being.


Wondering what package is right for you? As our head of sales, Alix knows not everyone wants EVERYTHING Modern Concierge has to offer. Alix is determined to help clients find the right package for them, even if it means customizing a package specific to each new client. You will never get a hard sales pitch from Alix — just a friendly conversation to figure out how we can help make your life a little better and give you back as much of your time as possible to do the things you love!


Kayla moves mountains for you, as our Client Experience Manager, she will go out of her way to make sure you are getting the best concierge experience as possible. With over 12+ years of experience in customer service, Kayla knows how to make your life better through our services. Whether she is directly coordinating your tasks or finding the best person on our team to get the job done, Kayla will always make you feel comfortable through every step of the way.


Who needs Modern Concierge?
Modern Concierge is designed for people who want more time to focus on the things they value most, such as career, relationships, family and community.
How does Modern Concierge work?
If you have a Concierge or Personal Plus membership, it’s usually as simple as calling or texting us to let us know what you need, and we can handle the rest. We’ll make the calls, coordinate the details, and keep you posted. No job is too small, too large or too unusual. We can visit your home or office when necessary, but we are able to handle things virtually about 95% of the time.
Why is Concierge Plus the most popular service level?
Concierge Plus is the most popular because it offers incredible value. You get day-to-day support from someone who truly knows you – from your daily schedule and your dietary preferences to your mother’s birthday and whether you like the window seat or not. You get highly personalized support at a small fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.
What if I already have an assistant or nanny?
Modern Concierge is a complement to other support staff. We offer you responsiveness, creativity, and an elite network of connections that you won’t find anywhere else.
Is there anything you cannot do?
We cannot suspend the laws of physics and we insist on keeping things legal and ethical. But within those constraints, we can be very creative. Simply talk to us if there’s something unusual you’d like assistance with.
What is included in my monthly fee?
Your monthly fee covers unlimited virtual support for whatever you need, from the routine to the remarkable. Out-of-pocket costs, such as airline tickets, shipping fees, or retail purchases are charged to the credit card you keep on file with us. If you need us to come to your home or office, on-site assistance fees are billed monthly based on travel time and an hourly rate. We never incur expenses without getting your permission first.
What are your hours of business?
Who needs hours of business? We are here for you whenever you need us.
Who else can use my membership?
You can share your membership with one other member of your household. Please contact us for additional fees.
Are you insured?

Yes, Modern Concierge is fully insured. Coverage details are available on request.

What do I do next?

Request an introduction to our team, and start having more time to do the things that you want to do.

Attract and retain your people

Give employees and clients the ultimate reward: more time

Motivated employees

There’s a war for talent out there. At the same time, we are asking more and more of our top performers these days. The best employees understand the value of their time and the importance of their mental health. What could possibly be more on-trend than offering your key people Executive Concierge services? It’s unique, it’s memorable, it’s practical, and we make it surprisingly economical – especially at scale across your organization.

Loyal clients

When you provide great products or services, you have happy clients. But when you add exceptional client experience to the mix, you create client attraction, loyalty, and referability through thick and thin. We create “wow!” client experiences that trigger lasting connections between you and your clients. The types of memories that are appreciated, shared, and bragged about. All this AND we make it easy to integrate this powerful loyalty strategy into your service model.

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