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Thinking about creating a bucket list? Let Modern Concierge be your guide!


If you’re looking for a way to get more out of your life, having a bucket list could be enough to change it completely. For many years, bucket lists were reserved for terminally ill people facing imminent death – the word “bucket” here comes from the phrase “kick the bucket.” More recently, however, the idea of bucket lists has been regarded as an excellent tool for personal development and fulfillment.

For those unfamiliar, a bucket list is simply a list of goals and aspirations, from the fear-driven to the mildly unrealistic, that you plan to accomplish sometime within your life. It could be a list of countries you wish to visit, a skill you hope to master, or a professional achievement. The point of bucket lists is to challenge ourselves to think about what we really want and how we can truly live this life to the fullest; What kind of life we can say we had, and the memories we get to cherish when it’s all over. It’s a simple act that can bring a sense of meaning into your life, whether that’s through setting goals or meaningful experiences.

Benefits of Bucket Lists

  • Motivation. A bucket list forces you to look at the life you are living and the life you would like to say you’ve had. If these two lifestyles are nothing like each other, the list can provide motivation and inspiration to begin living a life you desire.
  • Builds your intuition. Bucket lists are a helpful way of listening to your inner wisdom. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, to-do lists, going to work and coming home, doing chores, etc., to the point that you begin to lose sight of your inner compass.
  • Writing your goals down sparks joy. Writing down goals gets you excited about achieving them. Having your goals on paper also helps clarify what you want and motivates you to act.
  • Keeps you active. Sitting home night after night on the couch leads to a sedentary (and very dull) life. The mere idea to go kayaking with beluga whales in Manitoba or witnessing the majestic views from Killamonjaro will get you off the sofa and keep you moving towards it.
  • Let’s you be creative. When creating your bucket list, you’ll quickly learn that the world really is your oyster, with an endless list of places to go and experiences to have. Whether it’s training for a 5k race or climbing Mount Everest, your list will undoubtedly get the creative juices flowing.

Building Your Bucket List

The idea of creating a bucket list could feel overwhelming at first. When it comes to outlining all the meaningful experiences you plan to have throughout the rest of your life, it can be hard to know where to start. The first step is to remove all limitations from your mind. Imagine yourself traveling to all the places you would love to visit. Think about all the things you dream of doing but are afraid to do. Write them all down without censoring yourself. Let yourself dream big without worrying about the constraints of time and money.

From here, try categorizing your life into different areas. Career, fears, physical health and well-being, emotional health and well-being, finances, spirituality/religion, education/personal growth, and fun and leisure are all great places to start.

Keep your list dear to you. Don’t feel the need to share with any of your friends or family, as their negativity or skepticism could discourage you. Refrain from beating yourself up if you’re not regularly crossing things off. Ultimately, your list is not supposed to be a reminder of all you haven’t done in life, but more of a way to keep your eye on what you want in life.

Bucket lists help motivate, inspire, and teach us. The act of creating a bucket list takes us out of our comfort zones and throws us into a realm of possibilities and questions. If you want to start crossing things off your list, Modern Concierge is ready when you are! We can get you set up with all the experiences you’ve been too afraid – or too busy – to explore until now. Contact us today, and we’ll make your dreams come to life so you can feel great about the life you’ve lived!

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