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Let’s face it, planning a trip is tedious, requiring copious amounts of research, time and energy. In between work, family and personal life, the desire to spend your downtime or to be forced to make time to strategically plan a trip from start to finish is less than desirable. Fortunately, you don’t have to when you have a personal concierge service.

Concierge services help avoid overwhelming travel planning tasks

Booking a trip can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you don’t have any prior knowledge of the location or culture. Have you ever wished that you could just travel to somewhere like Thailand without the hassle of planning every little thing? Well, that’s where a personal concierge service comes in handy. They will book everything from flights to dinner reservations in busy or remote areas, and will customize and manage all your travel needs so you can sit back and enjoy.

Enjoy easy, peace of mind travelling with a personal concierge

With a personal concierge taking care of your every travel move, there is no need to worry about the little details — they have you covered. Based on your budget, likes and goals, they will create a detailed itinerary, take care of all the little booking details, and ensure you know exactly what you need for each transportation transfer, hotel stay, or excursion. No need to sweat the small stuff like knowing customs, tipping expectations, or what you’ll need to pack. They can provide all of this for you.

Your concierge will deal with re-bookings and travel challenges

It is inevitable that you will run into problems while travelling. These things happen. However, when you choose a personal concierge for your travel bookings, you won’t have to deal with these inevitable challenges. From room upgrades to rebooking flights, your personal concierge has you covered so you can enjoy what really matters. They will wait on the phone and get you the best deals.

Did you know that Modern Concierge offers travel booking services? In collaboration with Corporate Travel, we offer a centralized, streamlined process for easy travel bookings. With 24/7 access to Corporate travel, we will make sure you aren’t stranded while travelling issues arrive. We’d love to get started on making your life that much easier, contact us today at [email protected]


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