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The concierge world is blowing up right now – from condos offering a wide range of services, to credit cards offering elite services, to executives and families hiring companies like ours to help them with their day to day lives!

The first question that people always ask is “Why would I use a concierge service?” or “What can a concierge service do for me?

People use concierge services for different reasons. We have found the best way to describe what a company like ours can do, is to break it into the following 4 categories:



The main reason we find our clients want to use a concierge company is to take back their time with the convenience of having us.  They want the convenience of being able to call someone and say “do this mundane task that I don’t want to do or don’t have time to do” and know that it will get done.  Whether it’s recurring tasks such as grocery shopping once a week, or picking up dry cleaning or closing up your back yard before winter comes – they use a company like us who can do the tasks (or find the best person to do the task) for them so they can do the things that they enjoy with that time instead!



Concierge companies should have relationships with not just “the best” in the community, but more specifically the best according to their client’s needs. This means that, when we recommend things for our clients, we don’t always go for what is rated “the best”.

For example, does our client want the BEST place for a date night that will take them an hour to get to, or do they want the best option that is within 10 minutes of their home?  Do they want the BEST Chianti we can find, or do they want the best within a specific price range? Whether it’s a reservation at a coveted restaurant, a trusted plumber or what park to go to for the sunset – we provide the best recommendation based on what our clients are asking for.



Many of our clients travel a lot – for work and for pleasure.  When they travel, they like to have someone who knows the best places to go and has an “in” at these places.  Some concierge services (like us!) have access to worldwide hot spots, restaurants, events and so much more – so when our clients travel they like to use us as a resource.



Finally, we have a luxury.  Want to charter a yacht in Portugal? Looking to find a sold-out exclusive bottle of whiskey? Need tickets to the Olympics?   This category is for the people who want to splurge – and we are TOTALLY okay with that and excited to help. Anything from planning a luxury vacation to helping them procure something that they thought wasn’t even possible!

Thinking about using a concierge service?  Think about these questions. What would your life look like if you didn’t have to do any of the mundane tasks on your to-do list? What if you were able to go see your favourite artist – not just in concert – but for a meet and greet backstage? Would you like to hang out with your family and friends more, or maybe go to the gym or even spend more time on your business? These are all kinds of things that go through people’s minds when they start to think about outsourcing their lives to a concierge service and we want to help make that happen for you!

Check out our packages HERE and learn more about how you can get your time back and enjoy life to it’s fullest!



We have customized membership packages starting at $108/month! Need us for a one-off task? We can do that!