The holidays are the perfect time to get together with friends– sharing stories that ignite laughter and good cheer. And not only is it enjoyable – it’s also beneficial to your health.

Did you know that your happiness decreases when you reduce the number of hours in which you socialize? This causes health problems like stress.

Stress also increases in our lives as we get older, and as we take on more responsibilities, it can be too easy to forgo contact with friends in favour of all of the other tasks that we have to complete.

If only we could live like they do in one of the most watched US-sitcoms FRIENDS. The six friends in the show support each other through all kinds of situations, good and bad, and are always there for one another. They laugh together, cry together and spend a lot of time with one another.

While in real life you might have a hard time hanging out with your friends as much as the characters in the show, there are a lot of benefits you can get from seeing your favorite buddies on a regular basis.

Outsourcing time-consuming tasks to Modern Concierge is a good option to free up more of your time, so you can spend it maintaining your friendships, and with that, reducing stress!

How can more time with friends reduce stress?

There are many ways in which friends play a vital role in reducing stress.

One of those reasons being that they provide an outlet for your stress through laughter. And laughter is good for us. 

It improves mood, reduces stress and may even boost our immune system. Not only that, laughter has been proven to boost your metabolism, release endorphins into your brain; ergo a powerful stress reliever.

Similarly, studies have shown that people with strong social ties are less prone to depression or cardiovascular diseases as loners are. 

The levels of stress found in persons with good relationships to their friends is significantly lower, which helps to keep their immune system healthy and reduces mental and physical problems from occurring.

Furthermore, talking to your friends about what causes you stress in your life is a great outlet. And knowing that they are there for you, to listen and to provide support makes it that much more of a relief.

Even if you can’t physically see your friend (due to COVID-19, or long distance), make time for regular catch-ups. Phone or video calls can be just as good as meeting them in real life, as long as they lift your mood.

This can be as simple as scheduling a Zoom call with your pals.


Going on a walk and catching up.

At Modern Concierge, we can help you find the time to enjoy your friendships and reduce stress, all at the same time! We understand that it can be difficult to make enough time for your friendships, that’s why we’re here to take those stressful tasks off of your hands.

Because a wine and cheese date with your best friends, sounds so much more relaxing than grocery shopping. Doesn’t it?

No matter the task, we’re here to help. Head to the link here to see what membership is perfect for you.