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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. From securing reservations at your favourite dining spot to purchasing the perfect gift for your partner, there’s an endless list of romantic to-do’s to complete. However, in between your busy schedule, it can become especially difficult to devise new, creative gifts or unique ways to celebrate each year. This year, employ Modern Concierge to help you create the most luxurious, sentimental day of love.

In this article, you’ll discover just how much concierge services can benefit you and take special events like Valentine’s Day to the next level.

1. Finding the Perfect Flower Arrangement

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a bouquet of flowers. Finding that perfect floral arrangement for your significant other is not as straightforward as one may assume. From locating the perfect flower shop to selecting a suitable arrangement that includes your partner’s favourite flowers, our personal shoppers will do it all for you. In addition to finding the perfect flowers, we’ll arrange the delivery right to your home or your partner’s place of work if they’re unable to celebrate the day with you. Feel free to get creative and have our concierge services select the perfect wine and chocolates for your partner, too!

2. Booking Tickets and Reservations

Were you hoping to take your partner to that incredible theatre performance or a new movie? Modern Concierge works with an extensive network of partners that give our clients top priority access to some of the most incredible events in Toronto. How great would it be to already have those tickets in advance without having to select the seating and time? We’ll handle all of that for you to ensure you and your partner are taken care of. The same applies to restaurant reservations! We’ll get you that last-minute reservation at your favourite dining spot or grab the essential groceries if you plan on making a romantic dinner for two at home.

3. Home Cleaning/Event Decorating

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day on the town or plan on spending it entirely at home, our concierge services will ensure your home is spotless, pristine and adorned with gorgeous romantic-themed decorations. The perfect way to wrap up the day of love, we’ll take care of this special occasion from start to finish to make sure you both feel special.

4. Arranging Transportation

Spending ten minutes trying to grab a cab, waiting for a late Uber, or having to decide which one of you will drive home is certainly less than ideal. Leave the transportation to us to find you a more distinguished vehicle to get to and from in.

Modern Concierge is the luxury concierge service and event agency in Toronto committed to meeting and exceeding client expectations. From everyday essentials to unique requests, we’ll complete it for you. Contact us to discuss the service you’re looking for today!


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