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One of the most challenging aspects of business management is managing your time between work and home. Without a personal administrative assistant, this can be extremely stressful. You can get weighed down by small tasks that can take up much of your time, leaving you to compromise on bigger involvements that are crucial to your business. The last thing you need is to get caught in plumbing emergencies, HVAC breakdowns in your home or office, booking flight tickets, ironing your shirts for the week, or reorganizing the kitchen.

Sometimes, you may have free time to look into miscellaneous matters, but why should you? That one hour spent on fixing the faucet could be better spent on running the office or planning expansion strategies. In start-ups, things can get more challenging. It’s hard to balance home and work when you have so much to do, but there’s one way to ease the load for you; trade your time with an administrative assistant. Hire a personal assistant who looks into all the errands and administration so you can focus on the bigger picture.


It has been found that those who delegate work actively to others report higher levels of productivity and feel less overwhelmed. They are more relaxed and less stressed. If you are an overworked entrepreneur, here are a few reasons to consider a capable, reliable personal assistant:

Meeting Timelines: Small tasks can take up much of your time. Your assistant can help you keep track of business meetings, making sure there are no double bookings. They ensure you are on time and manage your workflow by taking care of errands for you. They can pick up your dry-cleaning, book and print event tickets, update hotels, inform your clients if you are stuck in the airport due to delayed flights, get your car serviced or call you an Uber.

Work/Life Balance: Once your home and office functions like clockwork with things taken care of, you have to time for your family. While your personal assistant organizes your office, you can slip out for a PTA meeting at your child’s school or take your mom to the doctor. Better yet, you can even attend your wedding anniversary dinner on time.

Invest in Your Health: Long, stressful work hours day after day take a toll on your health. Spend a little on a personal assistant and your increased productivity earns you more in the bargain. You have more time to focus on growth, brand development, recruiting staff and company expansion. You’ll also have more time to focus on your health and important personal relationships that may have been on the backburner. Good personal assistants can send emails, write memos, manage your staff and entertain your clients in your absence.


When you’re ready to recruit, hire a personal assistant from Modern Concierge. Our Lifestyle Managers listen to your needs, understand them, then work relentlessly for professional assistance or on home tasks such as picking up your groceries and more, so your lifestyle and work are both more rewarding and enjoyable. All it takes is one call or email to simplify your life. Call us today.


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