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Some people believe that luxury is just about money, but it’s really about the experience. A luxury wedding has all the aspects of a traditional wedding along with unique, creative and beautiful elements that turn it into a dream. From lighting to living music, draping, dress change, dinner plates, and stationeries, it all matters. This unique type of wedding is one that will make guests ask “what’s next” and exceed their expectations every step of the way.

This is all possible with the help of efficient, luxury wedding planners that handle every detail and add a personal touch from the beginning to the end of the wedding. You can take comfort in knowing that Modern Concierge will give you that security. Here’s how you can have your dream luxury wedding be a reality:

Opulent Wedding Stationery

The wedding stationery is what your guests first see when they walk into your venue. A luxury wedding planner will pay attention to key details of the couple’s romance and entwine it to the stationery for the wedding. Modern, stylish and elegant stationery from designers such as Smythson entails delicate engravings, handcrafted designs, and edges. Strawberry Sorbet is another luxury wedding stationery designer whose stationery is printed with an antique printing press and a delicate script font for elegance.

Elegant Wedding Flowers

Luxurious flowers can give the venue a show-stopping touch to your wedding. Go over the top with various arrangements from flowers on the staircase, in the ceremony, around the seating plan, hanging from the ceiling and as centerpieces. Modern Concierge can partner with the best florists to make your venue become a fantasy. Flowers create beauty, color, and style to make your ceremony feel more special and vibrant.

Unique Entertainment Experience

Continue to impress your guests with the incorporation of musical entertainment that could be compared to being at a theatre opera. An a capella choir is excellent to enhance the classical, elegant feel and bring even more meaning to the ceremony. The entire venue of guests will be entranced by the sound, leaving them with a beautiful, romantic memory for ages.

Luxurious Food and Drink

Food and drinks that impress your guests and suit their palate are very important. Serving the best champagne and/or wine alongside a three-course meal chosen carefully by five-star caterers is essential. Even selecting an hors d’oeuvres service is a brilliant idea to offer guests a variety of options from caviar to oysters.

A Brilliant Cake

Cutting into a luxurious, beautifully detailed wedding cake is one of the most significant parts of the ceremony. Whether you desire a whimsical design, simple elegance or a cake with multiple tiers, Modern Concierge will find the perfect cake for your special day.

Our luxury event planners in Toronto ensure that your special occasions are curated, developed and always care for with the efficiency and high standards. Modern Concierge will be at the epicenter of planning, keeping everything flowing to relieve you of any stress, always!


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