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As the world gets closer to recovering from the constraints that came with the Covid 19 pandemic, businesses are all suiting up in an attempt to rebuild our economy. We’re all tired of reminiscing about the challenges, so let’s talk about some silver linings. If we can look at the global pandemic from a glass-half-full perspective, there was certainly a lot to consider. Many organizations are embracing principles that are revolutionizing the post-covid business landscape. They’re taking all the things they’ve learned over the last year and a half, and the last thing they plan to do is get back to business “as usual.”

During the pandemic, entrepreneurs had no choice but to adapt and cope with the global shuttering of offices and storefronts. But now, as we redirect ourselves to reopening, entrepreneurs are learning to approach business operations and team management in a way that positively differs from life before the pandemic. The fact is that the pandemic exposed the unseen flaws in our systems. While many companies are still struggling to stay afloat, others are learning from the experience and implementing new strategies to keep themselves ahead of the game.

So, what are some changes entrepreneurs are considering due to their fresh post-pandemic perspective?

Embrace Employee Flexibility

Entrepreneurs are facing some significant staffing challenges with the emergence of what many are calling “the Great Resignation.” Employee retention has become largely dependent on job satisfaction and what incentives your company can offer them. For businesses who saw the potential in the work-from-home life, many are opting to keep remote work as an option, at least part-time. Others are offering employees more freedom to curate their work schedules. Employees have become accustomed to this flexibility and may be more productive and less prone to burnout. Embracing employee flexibility could also open up the option to cut down on overhead costs like rent.

Become a Student Again

Entrepreneurs are learning the value of immersing themselves in learning and becoming students again. Keeping yourself ahead of the curve means upskilling and exploring the latest knowledge and digital tools to better serve the needs of your business. Moreover, entrepreneurs have become more willing to learn from their teams and have become more open to their contributions. After all, as an entrepreneur, you hire people to do the things you’re unable to (or don’t want to) do on your own. This change in perspective can also help businesses adapt to unforeseen circumstances and instead focus on the aspects they can control.

Get Creative

Taking a step back and adopting a new perspective can enable you to get those creative juices flowing again. Those early startup-up days were filled with excitement and energy Soon thereafter, the risks and innovative ideas likely started to die down as you shifted your focus to keeping the business alive and worrying about constant external pressures. But if there’s anything the pandemic taught us, it’s that life is too short to stay inside your comfort zone. Being strategic in entrepreneurship is certainly non-negotiable, but getting creative will open new insights that might be even more valuable. Whether it’s reconsidering your market segments, finding new distribution channels, or tweaking your business model, stepping outside the box is something all entrepreneurs will want to embrace moving forward.

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