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Over the years, cottages and homes just outside larger cities have become a popular vacation choice for Canadians. While the intention of heading out to the cottage for the weekend is to relax, it can sometimes become quite stressful when you realize your vacation destination is essential, an unstocked hardly used second home.

But a vacation should just be that; a vacation. At Modern Concierge, we sweat the small stuff and take care of your cottage so you can focus on what’s important. Here is why having a concierge service can help you enjoy your cottage home.

Helps Make the Most of Shorter Stays So You Can Relax

Truthfully, when you head off on some much needed R&R, you shouldn’t have to think, do, or stress about anything you don’t want to. You should just be able to lay back and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city just as you intended. With a concierge service, you can actually make use of those shorter stays by allowing us to make your stay easier. We will do everything from hiring a cleaning service to delivering your grocery shopping. With those things out of the way you will have more time to sit back and relax.

No Need to Worry About The Property Management

People often buy a second home in a haze of vacation dreaming. However, a vacation home is no different from your personal home. It needs maintenance and a little bit of TLC to keep it fresh and livable all year round. Think about your own house. You schedule routine maintenance throughout the year to maintain the property but now you have to procure the same services for your vacation home. That’s where a concierge service can be so useful. No need to worry about scheduling bug proofing, gutter cleaning, or snow removal. Your concierge will proactively book these routine maintenance appointments and manage your property.

Booking Your Weekend Activities

Entertaining guests or finding something fun to do for the weekend can be stressful, especially when everyone has different interests. Stop juggling the excursion requests and let a concierge service do it. We can help alleviate your stress by doing the research and booking your excursions. We will ask the questions, find out what your guests like, stay on the phone, get you the best deals, schedule the activity, and even create a full itinerary. When it comes time for your big weekend, you will just have to show up and enjoy your time with your friends and family. It’s a no brainer.


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