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During this self-isolation period, we at Modern Concierge, have been putting together exciting and unique virtual events that we’re sharing with our clients, friends and family!

A wonderful event we recently hosted was our Champagne Experience Happy Hour. Bringing together 25 of our wonderful guests, we poured a glass of bubbly and toasted to a bright future. We bonded over this shared experience, while our professional sommelier guided us through the production, flavour profiles, and history of Champagne. 


How YOU Can Utilize This Virtual Event Package! 

Our newly packaged, virtual Champagne Experience, brings together your clients, employees, friends, or family, for a much-needed evening of socializing, and discovery from the comfort of their own home. Your “Happy Hour” is guided by an elite sommelier and French Wine Scholar, who will delve into the beauty and production of Champagne.

Your professional sommelier will take you and your guests on a journey through the region of Champagne, and educate on the various processes that create the beautiful drink. There is also a wonderful opportunity to allow your guests to purchase a range of deluxe bottles to discover the beauty of different suppliers and understand the different ways that make Champagne unique.

Benefits of this package include:

  • Delivery of one, or more, prestigious bottles of Champagne right to the door of your guests home, ensuring everyone can sip on the same flavour profiles and bond over a shared glass
  • Pairing of champagne with a specialty item (i.e. chocolates, cheeses, etc.)
  • Complete planning and execution by the Modern Concierge team 
  • Offering a unique way to stay relevant & in touch with your clients
  • Personalized touch (i.e. handwritten notes, or thank you’s with Champagne delivery)

By taking part in the online events world, you will be bringing back the human touch, entertainment, and social aspect that we’re currently missing. 

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