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Moving is a very stressful life event. Packing and unpacking up all your belongings, finding a good moving company, and lets not even get into the topic of setting up your utilities which are stressful and time-consuming – that’s a lot of stuff you have to do in a relatively short amount of time. So, to have a stress free move here are a few tips from our team.

1. Create a master to-do list: A simple excel or google sheet can save you so much stress. No detail is too insignificant. Write it all down. Once you’ve scheduled your move date then work backward to plan out your move. Here are a few things to include on that list:

  • Get quotes from 2-3 moving companies
  • Schedule the cut-off and hook-up dates for utilities, cable tv, internet, etc.
  • Change your mailing address and subscribe to mail forwarding for at least three months
  • Notify your insurance companies
  • Register your children at their new school
  • Return the cable box

2. Declutter, declutter, declutter: Have you moved the same ten boxes without having unpacked them for the last two moves? Before you pack up, take time to go through each room in your home and weed out anything that you’re not using anymore.

  • A good general rule is to get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past year (as long as the item doesn’t hold sentimental value).
  • Start packing early. Spend 10-30 minutes each night packing anything from off-season clothing to decorative items and books etc. While you’re doing this you’ll definitely come across items that you will want to sell or donate.
  • Consider selling unwanted items online, or if you’re short on time then go to your Facebook friends for help or simply donate them.

3. Delegate tasks: Inevitably you’re going to have to answer hundreds of questions on the day of your move whether it’s from the movers or the vendors at your house setting up your new cable or from family members you’ve recruited to help you, so figure out ahead of time who is the chief decision-maker on moving day.

When our working relationship with a client begins with their move, they typically become members for life because of the tremendous amount of stress that they are relieved from. Would you believe that a simple move from a bedroom condo into another one-bedroom condo on the same street was approximately 100 hours of work for our team? There were so many moving parts that most people wouldn’t think of until they were in the middle of it all.

Moving day doesn’t have to be stressful if you are organized. But sometimes we realize we just don’t have time for all the planning, wrapping and packing! If that’s the case, Modern Concierge can help you with our “one-call-does-it-all” service we can take care of your move for you.


We have customized membership packages starting at $108/month! Need us for a one-off task? We can do that!