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Although the world has stopped, we haven’t stopped working for our clients. In this new world it seems that some clients are busier than ever, requesting help and advice for new ways to keep their lives as normal as possible. With the help of the Modern Concierge team, clients have been able to stay connected with their routines, friends, and family from a distance without the hassle of reduced deliveries and complicated services. Here are the top three requests from clients during this time and how we are helping to fulfill their needs. 

Sourcing & Delivering Specialty Items

Everyday we are ensuring that clients are still able to live their lives as best as they can by helping them source specialty items or accomplish special requests. Sometimes that means researching new ways to find items or services that may not be offered during this time. Whether our clients want to send a birthday gift to their loved ones in other countries or find a way to make an occasion special, we are working hard to find businesses that can serve our clients needs as efficiently as possible. The key thing here is to find local or small businesses that are still open and willing to work with our requests and help find the right solution. 


Moving is stressful, and as anyone can guess, moving during this unprecedented time comes with multiple new issues, stressors, and logistical challenges. Whether the timeline has been rushed or postponed, we have had to quickly and effectively make decisions and source personnel to ensure our clients’ moves are smooth and safe. One of the most important factors in sourcing moving companies is finding those who take proper health and safety precautions before, during, and after the move. Scheduling detailed timelines to ensure our clients’ families are not compromised and stay safe, while also ensuring their belongings are taken care of properly are specifics that we are well versed in. Of course, properly insured companies and personnel are top priority as our clients homes are lined with high-end merchandise and unique, luxury, items. 

Sourcing Wine and Spirits 

In Ontario the LCBO is no longer delivering to residential homes during this time, so finding ways to source wine and spirits for our clients has been one of the largest requests we are currently seeing. We, at Modern Concierge, have extensive relationships with wine and spirits suppliers, wineries, and specialty shops. With these relationships we are able to source specific bottles, and have them delivered right to our clients front doors. The benefit of having a personal concierge service is that you automatically have a team who will do the sourcing and delivery for you, so you don’t have to go and wait in long lines, and can just relax at home enjoying your favourite bottles.

Modern Concierge is your dedicated concierge team that handles all of your lifestyle needs. From offering home concierge services to being a luxury travel agency and event company in Toronto, we give you access to the best lifestyle management available. If you’re ready to make life easier, contact us today!


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