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As business professionals, we’ve heard the sayings time and time again – “You snooze, you lose,” “Sleep is the cousin of death,” and so on. It’s become ingrained in our system that you need to put in those extra hours if you want to be successful in virtually anything. The price of peak performance inevitably means incurring a hefty sleep debt. Or does it? As more and more entrepreneurs commit to making wellness a priority, it’s clear that success is about how you spend your waking hours and not about glamorizing how much sleep you skip on your way to the top.

Studies show that 42% of entrepreneurs are getting less than six hours of sleep a night. Many of us can relate and don’t see this as problematic; however, there are potentially severe health consequences for individuals and their thriving entrepreneurial ventures.

Here are our top three reasons why busy entrepreneurs should be getting more sleep.

1. Sleep Improves Concentration and Problem-Solving Skills

Sleep deprivation and burnout have seemingly been normalized as a necessary cost of success. Honestly, though –  when you regularly sacrifice those four hours of sleep to work, how productive are you? Are you on your A-game? Maybe sometimes, but probably not always. In order to use your waking hours to their fullest potential, you need a regular, healthy sleep pattern. Studies have shown that concentration, productivity, and enhanced problem-solving skills are directly linked to a good night’s sleep. Dealing with unexpected challenges is a frequent occurrence in an entrepreneur’s day, and being well-rested will allow you to handle them with a clear, level-headed mind.

2. Sleep Aids in Memory Retention

Do you feel foggy or forgetful when you don’t get enough sleep? Not getting enough sleep can often lead to memory impairment. Studies have even shown that sleep-deprived individuals are even at the risk of forming false memories. You may be a successful CEO with a personal assistant at your side as your second brain, but memory retention isn’t something you want to compromise. Something as simple as forgetting an important executive’s name or a crucial piece of data can significantly impact your reputation and, as such, your business. Imagine losing your train of thought during a critical presentation! Simply getting enough rest at night or even scheduling a two-hour nap during the day can positively impact your memory.

3. Sufficient Sleep Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Mood imbalances, anxiety, and depression are all symptoms of sleep deprivation. Studies indicate that insufficient sleep weakens the prefrontal cortex, which manages our ability to process and control emotions. Being an entrepreneur can come with an immense amount of pressure and stress. When you routinely dip below the recommended sleep hours, that stress builds up. It’s estimated that 15% of adults experience depression at some point in their lives. And while mental health issues can arise for various reasons, getting enough rest is a helpful prevention method.

Perhaps the adage needs a revision to “You snooze, you win.” Sure, it doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily, but when you prioritize sleep, your health, and your business win.

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