Are you finding it challenging to keep your day-to-day life on track? Do you have notes scattered across digital devices, apps, diaries and post-it notes? Do you forget things because you have too many tasks and commitments chewing up your mental bandwidth? You might want to look into the concept of bullet journaling.

Facing the same challenges, New York-based designer Ryder Caroll expanded on his ‘back-to-basics’ analogue journalling system, sharing it with others in his best-selling book “The Bullet Journal” method. The method has been adopted with enthusiasm by many busy executives and entrepreneurs and is available in print, ebooks, and audiobooks for those quiet commuting moments. 

A bullet journal system is a welcome escape from technology, blending mindfulness and productivity. It consists of a daily planner, a to-do list, and a personal diary. The system’s claim to fame is that it enables you to track your past, organize the present, and plan for the future all at once. You’re encouraged to record your goals, thoughts, inspirations, achievements, and reflections in rapid logging bullet point format. Doing so daily, weekly, and monthly can empower you to change a habit, accomplish a goal, or organize your life. 

What makes the bullet journalling system so effective is the act of writing things down as well as the visual aids it provides. Many studies show the advantages of note-taking by hand rather than on an electronic device. The act of getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper can also be highly therapeutic. Additionally, visually tracking your ideas and goals boosts your emotional buy-in and inspires creativity. 

Let’s discuss three benefits of bullet journaling that might appeal to busy professionals. 

Helps Keep Your Life and Thoughts Organized

Once you begin consciously putting your thoughts and goals to paper, it becomes easier to keep everything organized. Having a bullet journal allows you to write down everything that matters to you and keep it all in one place. This ensures you won’t forget anything important, whether it’s a birthday, a deadline, or inspirational thought or idea. As a result, it can also inspire a peaceful mind and mental state that isn’t overly concerned with what needs to be done or what pressing thoughts need to be addressed.

Provides a Sense of Accomplishment and Increased Motivation

Keeping track of your goals, progress, and achievements can provide a sense of accomplishment, leading to increased motivation. Having a clearly defined list of goals that you can work towards and check off as you complete can provide a great deal of intrinsic motivation and personal satisfaction. However, for some, the idea of an overwhelming task list can feel a little bit daunting. If this sounds like you, the beauty of bullet journaling is the ability to tailor your journal in a way that works best for you. If unfinished task lists make you less motivated, writing a list of what you’ve already accomplished and adding to it over time can produce the same results of accomplishment and momentum. 

Can Boost Creativity and Inspiration 

A significant benefit of writing by hand is that it allows you to write a free stream of consciousness. This often increases inspiration and new ideas. When you begin writing things as they come to you, you’ll notice how open your mind will become, encouraging you to create new ideas and possibilities. Consistently writing a to-do list could inspire you to write a list that keeps track of your eating habits or a list of places you’d like to visit. You begin to explore new avenues of your consciousness and lead a more well-rounded lifestyle. Ryder Caroll’s bullet journaling system also encourages visual creativity, such as the use of highlighters and stickers, incorporating drawing or doodling in your lists, or other artistic embellishments you feel called to include.  

Bullet journaling is not only great for productivity but can also give you peace of mind and reassurance that your life is organized and on track. It removes any worry you might have about your goals and provides you with a greater sense of control over your future. It also lets us tap into our creative, inspirational side, which allows us to become much more balanced individuals.  

Some of the items in your bullet journal to-do list could even be delegated! The team at Modern Concierge thrives on assisting busy individuals with those tasks they’re struggling to make time for.

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