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Moving into a new home is both exciting yet stressful. There is a lot on your plate during this time, from organizing to decorating, to cleaning and landscaping. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could handle that all for you? Personal concierge services are an excellent choice for new homeowners to handle all household needs efficiently. You deserve to open that celebratory bottle of champagne and relax in your home comfortably.

Reduce your workload and adapt to your new environment in peace. Read on to discover how beneficial concierge services can be to your life.

Managing Smaller Tasks

New homeowners often think about the larger tasks at hand when moving into a home. However, smaller tasks are often equally important, although they may be tedious. From picking up laundry, booking reservations, picking up home supplies, to finding suitable daycare for your kids, these tasks are important but can often fall lower on the list of moving priorities. With home concierge services, these errands and small personal tasks are taken care of to simplify your life and ease the load on your schedule. Modern Concierge can take care of any household management with ease.

Helps Reduce Homeowner Stress

The stress that comes with moving into a home can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Having much-needed assistance to manage, organize and reduce daily tasks can give you peace of mind and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. Did you know that our Modern Concierge services have access to the best home services and caretakers to ensure your home is in top condition? Home concierge services can help you with the following:
● Unpacking your household items when you move in
● Design, organize and decorate the new home
● Drop off any old items you no longer desire during the move
● Forward your mail and manage calls

Planning the Housewarming Party

What better way to celebrate your first home than with a celebratory housewarming party? As fun as parties are, there isn’t much enjoyment found in planning them! Modern Concierge event planners make party planning easy by handling every step from planning the date to inviting the guests and handling vendor sourcing. There’s no reason for you to fuss over food, invites and entertainment when our concierge services can manage it all with care and ease. You deserve to start making amazing memories in your new home with friends and family, and the move-in party is just the start. Our home concierge services will consider the following when planning the party:
● Planning and execution of a theme and timeline
● Scheduling it on a suitable night most guests can make
● Ensuring there are enough food, drinks, and fun

Modern Concierge is your dedicated concierge team that handles all of your lifestyle needs. From offering home concierge services to being a luxury travel agency and event company in Toronto, we give you access to the best lifestyle management available. If you’re ready to make life easier, contact us today!


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