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Most Valentine’s Days, we spend days or even weeks preparing for romantic candlelight dinners, surprise gifts, and all things love. But this year, things are looking a bit different. Amidst the pandemic, we have to think outside of the box to make an at home Valentine’s Day just as romantic. And while this may sound quite disappointing, it’s a perfect time to get creative with at home date ideas. Here are three ideas you can bring to life to have a romantic, still over-the-top, stay-at-home Valentine’s Day. 

Have an indoor picnic.

While this may sound lame, this can actually be so much fun and perfect for someone who may not be the best cook. Rearrange some furniture in your living room to have a big open space for a blanket, put up some twinkle lights, grab your picnic basket, and fill it with wine, cheese and crackers, and some homemade sandwiches. Not only is this fun and creative, but also simple and not too much work if you are super busy. Top it off with your favourite playlist in the background, local desserts, and small gifts to really make the evening pop.

Take a virtual cocktail class.

More interested in having a group Valentine’s Day experience? Try taking a virtual cocktail class with a few of your couples friends. Since the start of the pandemic companies have taken advantage of the virtual space, offering group packages that include a guided tasting and a cocktail making kit delivered straight to your home. You can select a base spirit for the group and explore the art of cocktail making from the comfort of your home. Pair this with your favourite snacks or dinner and you’re set for the evening!

Recreate your first date.

Hear us out. Recreating your first date is the PERFECT opportunity to go all out for Valentine’s Day.. If you went to a romantic restaurant, print out the menu and either try to make a dish on your own OR order in from the restaurant. If you went on a coffee date, play a coffee house playlist, set up a bar with a little menu, and become a barista. If you went to a theme park, set up a small game with prizes, find a video of the first roller coaster you went on and throw it up on the TV. Have a carnival themed menu with hot dogs, cotton candy, and all things deep fried. Get creative–the world is your oyster. End the date by telling your partner the reasons why you asked them out in the first place and everything you remember about that first date.

Whatever you decide to do, make it as memorable and exciting of date as you would if life was back to normal. It’s all in the details. And don’t forget to tell them how much you love them.

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