We have all been there. Attending an event where we have no idea what it is about or how one element connects to another and it can get confusing to understand why we are event there at all. When it comes to event planning, following a set theme and purpose can really make or break a guests’ experience. An event without a proper theme can take away from the over all brand and purpose of the company putting it on and even cloud the message that they are trying to convey. 

Hosting a themed event that follows a direct message and the overall goal of the event will help anchor points of communication and lead to well delivered content and material. It also allows planners to make better marketing choices including using the right social media platforms and direct target marketing to the right audience. 

An event with a proper theme will also create a certain excitement that will intrigue even the most skeptical people to not only check it out, but share it amongst their own social circles. Think about an event with a specific theme that has piqued your interest in the past. Did this event make you want to invite all of your friends? We bet the answer is yes! With a great theme comes the power of word-of-mouth marketing for you and you event. 

A good theme also helps with keeping an attendee completely engaged throughout the entire event. By interweaving your theme throughout your branding, messaging, signage, food, and beverages, you will be able to gain your attendees attention from start to finish. For example, if you are hosting an event with a Great Gatsby theme ensure everything from your glassware to your decorations embody the look and feel of the roaring 20s. 

An event theme matters more than you think. Bringing together a unified theme that captivates each guest can make all the difference with hosting a successful event. If you want your event to be unforgettable then you need to make sure your theme aligns with your objectives and the interests of your audience. Don’t be afraid to become creative and find unique ways to engage your audience. 


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