At Modern Concierge there is one thing we guarantee with our service–a stress free experience. As a personal concierge service, we always go above and beyond to ensure our clients don’t worry about the small things and can focus on what really matters. 

That’s why when a client comes to us with a plumbing crisis the night before a dinner party, we quickly and efficiently manage the project from start to finish. When we heard the client’s panic in their voice, we knew what to do. While they were both so busy at work, worried they wouldn’t be able to host their dinner party the next day, we reassured them we had it covered. Without skipping a beat we jumped into action and started calling emergency plumbers in the area to come service the machine. Within a few hours we had someone in the house, attending to the problem. 

After the problem was identified and the job was quoted, we were unable to get a hold of the clients for their approval of the fix. However, we knew how important it was to them to have the issue quickly resolved, so we made the decision to act on their behalf and approve the necessary repairs. While it was a tough decision, we knew that it was more important to save the client time and stress. In the end, the clients were so relieved that we went ahead with getting it fixed and thanked us profusely for our ability to act. 

As a personal concierge service, we work to ensure your time and sanity is intact. Sometimes that means making the tough decisions so you don’t have to. While this most certainly was a special case, we knew it was the right decision. Their gratitude was all we needed to hear to know we made their lives just a bit easier.