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Consider the differences between a nanny and a personal concierge.


Holding down the fort at home can be challenging when the daily demands of your career take precedence over your life. And while having a nanny on hand to pick the kids up from school, hockey practice, violin lessons, and the like, a personal concierge takes care of the aspects that go beyond even a super nanny’s job description.

One question we get a lot here at Modern Concierge from potential clients is, “Why do I need a personal concierge if I already have a nanny?”

Nannies or even family assistants definitely take on a crucial role, but their duties come with certain limitations, mainly the tasks that take place outside of the home. The following are a few differences to consider when determining how much value you’ll get from having a personal concierge over just a nanny or au pair. 

Nannies Handle the Kids, A Personal Concierge Handles the Rest

When the family needs someone to do more than provide childcare services, your dedicated personal concierge has the means to get things done. Taking care of the entire household means more than just keeping the kids fed and looked after. It means keeping the fridge stocked, getting laundry done, picking up the dry cleaning, organizing your garage, walking the dog, etc. Does this sound like a lot for one person? Sure, it does! That’s why your concierge team has all-hands-on-deck just a phone call away.

A Personal Concierge Keeps Things Organized

Nannies aren’t particularly known for their administrative experience. When you want to schedule a playdate or an appointment with the pediatrician, your personal concierge can not only get it done in a flash but manage your own schedule as well in the process. A personal concierge will also keep your house organized by booking cleaning services, household repairs, landscaping services, etc. Not sure you’ll remember that PTA meeting next month? Your personal concierge will have you covered!

Personal Concierge’s Are Well-Connected

When you need a hand preparing your child for the best private schools or access to the most sought-after tutors, your nanny is unlikely to provide much assistance. Here at Modern Concierge, we’ve spent years cultivating longstanding relationships with the best of the best across industries. Our team can not only put you in touch with thousands of reputable service providers but also narrow down the search specific to your needs.

While our personal concierge team isn’t in the business of childcare, we can undoubtedly manage everything else to make your life easier. In fact, if you’re having trouble finding a nanny as well, we can put you in touch with one that best aligns with the needs of your child! Contact us at Modern Concierge to learn more about our services!

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