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Your business and employees are both something to be extremely proud of. Corporate team-building retreats help to develop productive, powerful relationships via networking and improve communication, problem solving and job satisfaction. However, the success of your retreat is dependant on how well it’s organized, who organizes it and where it’s held. That’s why you should leave it up to the professional event planners at Modern Concierge.

Ready to plan a successful corporate team-building retreat? Here’s everything you need to know:

What To Know Beforehand

Planning a corporate retreat requires meticulous planning with each stage of the entire process considered. That may sound overwhelming, which is why Modern Concierge works with you to make your vision a reality. Here are some crucial steps to prepare for a successful event:

  • Hire an event planner: Planning an event is no easy task and you want your business’ objectives, values and goals to be represented accurately. Hiring Modern Concierge, the most efficient event agency in Toronto, guarantees those planning the retreat, as well as the employees taking part, the ultimate team-building experience.
  • Set the Event’s Agenda/Purpose: The biggest reason other team-building retreats fail is because there was a thoroughly planned agenda with the business’ goals not set. Building your business is a top priority and Modern Concierge will never fail to reflect its objectives and design an event that encourages everyone involved to maximize business with retreat incentives.
  • Promote Team Engagement: One of the reasons for your retreat is to build team relations, bonding, networking and support. As business experts, you are the leaders and examples to your employees around you and exemplify strength, which will motivate their engagement. If only junior colleagues participate in the retreat, it won’t be viewed with the same reverence.

How To Choose A Venue

Your corporate team-building retreat is not complete without a stunning, professional setting to hold it in. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to location, but Modern Concierge guides you on what to look out for to ensure a successful event:

  • High-Quality Facilities: Your retreat is nothing without catering and catering specifically designed with everyone in your business in mind. Our event company in Toronto is able to source the best vendors and catering companies for your retreat. We’ll ensure the location of choice has high-standard food and drink stations, suitable accommodations and a great view.
  • Location: As beautiful and bustling as the city of Toronto is, if you desire your event to be held in a more quiet area; we’ll make it happen. Your priority is for your employees and colleagues to concentrate on activities – which is exactly what will happen.
  • Activities: A venue that is wide and appropriate for your event’s activities is exactly what Modern Concierge will find. Each task will be engaging, motivating and in line with your business objectives.

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