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Maintain a healthy diet with the best health food stores in Toronto.

Taking the first step to lead a healthier lifestyle can be challenging for some. From blogs about meal prepping to TikTok workout sets to intermittent fasting tips, there’s an overwhelming amount of information online that many of us feel the need to implement all at once. The thing is that this only increases the likelihood of nixing the idea altogether and going back to unhealthy habits.

The truth is, beginning healthy living can be as easy as making better decisions about what you consume. Adding more nutritious foods into your diet can not only help you lose weight but – more importantly – it can also make you feel better overall.

If you’ve looked up some yummy recipes but aren’t quite sure where to start procuring the best in organic, local, and ethically responsible foods, look no further! Here we’ll list some of the best health food stores in Toronto where you can take a gander and start living a healthier lifestyle.

Organic Garage Liberty Village

If Whole Foods is a little bit too trendy and overpriced for your taste, we’d recommend trying out Organic Garage. One thing we like about them is their self-proclaimed “Dump List,” a list of harmful ingredients that they guarantee all carried products are free of. Not to mention, all of their produce is also 100% certified organic.

Walk-in, and you’ll find endless rows of plant-based foods, a juice bar, an in-house sushi station, plus lots of sampling demo stands. Not only is it locally Ontario-based, but their prices are much more affordable than most health food stores, which is perfect because you’ll want to try everything.


Opened by husband and wife John and Rina on John Street in 1979, Ambrosia has been providing organic goods long before it was trending on Instagram. Originally a bulk food business, they eventually expanded into vitamins and minerals, natural foods, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, natural cosmetic products, frozen entrées, specialty foods, and more.

All of their produce is 100% certified organic and locally sourced whenever possible. They also pride themselves on offering dairy and meat selections that only come from animals treated with respect and dignity. And in case you were wondering, yes, they do still provide a rich selection of bulk foods. Because who wouldn’t want a 10-pound bag of organic almonds?

The Big Carrot

If you find yourself in the Upper Beaches, you’ll definitely want to check out The Big Carrot Community Market. Running on Danforth since 1983, The Big Carrot offers a wide variety of healthy food products that are organic, non-GMO, localized, and fairly traded. They also stock hard-to-find products for specific diets like paleo and macrobiotic and even have food for babies and pets.

While on your grocery shop, be sure to stop by the organic juice and smoothie bar as well as the Carrot Kitchen eatery, where you’ll find community fresh, local, and organic prepared dishes.

The Sweet Potato

Located in the heart of the Junction, The Sweet Potato is a popular destination for all things organic and healthy. What started out as the seasonal High Park Organic Market soon became a permanent storefront open year-round. The Sweet Potato specializes in making quality and nutritious food that’s accessible to people with any budget.

From their in-house kitchen, you’ll find a range of healthy and delicious prepared dishes when you’re on the go, plus some amazing ready-made soups to take home.


And there you have it. Not only is finding healthy food easily accessible, but it’s also a great opportunity to support local businesses – many of which are still recovering from losses during the pandemic.

At Modern Concierge, we hold long standing relationships with top-tier vendors and partners, many of which are local and guaranteed to provide you with some unforgettable experiences. Contact us today to learn more!

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