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Toronto’s harbour front comes alive in the summer, with concerts, festivals, locals and tourists strolling along the boardwalk as sail boats are gently carried away by the wind. Among the sea of people, we are able to spot those invited to our special summer event, sailing on a traditional 165 foot three masted Schooner tall ship in Lake Ontario.

As guests approached the ship, the sounds of the festive beats of steel-band and carnival music greet them, along with chilled champagne, white wine, beer and cider.  The joyful mood on the ship becomes contagious, and guests wave good-bye as the ship pulls away from the harbour.


The skyline of Toronto has never looked better than on this clear, warm summer day. The views were perfect for our guests to take selfies and pictures of the city.  With the city’s skyline behind us, our DJ raised the volume of the Latin beats that got everyone dancing merengue and salsa. Our vision to create a chic vacation-vibe experience for our guests was coming together perfectly.


When the wind was just right, with the enthusiastic help of a few volunteered guests, the sails were hoisted, and we took off deeper into the lake. While our guests enjoyed the soft summer breeze and active conversations, below deck the crew was preparing the perfect feast for this occasion. Herb crusted cod, roasted Ontario beef tenderloin, tuna tartar with avocado, scallops wrapped in bacon, a medley of summer garden salads and so much more. At the sound of a shooting cannon, the feast was ready to be enjoyed.


As with any event, we are always prepared to manage the unexpected. A few calls came in from guests arriving late to the port. “Not to worry”, they were promptly advised. We arranged for water taxis to pick-up our late arrivals. With aid from the ship’s Captain, the proper coordinates were dispatched and soon enough our late arrivals were making a grand entrance.

Once the sun had set, it gave way to a starry night, and the party on the ship was in full swing. Our guests were proudly exposing their inner singer, belting along to “Sweet Caroline”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and other staple songs that are stamped in our subconscious.


Soon the bright lights of the city skyline were slowly becoming visible as we set course back to the harbour. As we docked, and the event came to a close, strangers had now become friends, embracing each other in goodbyes with the parting promise to connect once again.



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