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With its historic architecture, the contemporary Stirling Room was the perfect location for us to co-host an Exclusive Sushi Experience with Roll This Way for its official launch in the Toronto market – rock and roll style. This elegant, upscale lounge in the distillery district offered everything we needed for a night of sushi rolling, sake drinking, and trendsetting. It also proved to be the ultimate stage for, then, up and coming sushi legend John Hoffman, to delight guests with his innovative sushi creations.

Now a well-known sushi rockstar, selling at the Thompson HotelThe Windermere House, and the Vintage Conservatory, Hoffman continues to show off his skills, creating memorable experiences for guests. What we love about Hoffman is that he takes traditional sushi making and turns it upside down, while still respecting Japanese traditions. At our Roll this Way event, Hoffman created unique takes on classic Japanese dishes and encouraged guests to interact with him, teaching them how to roll their own sushi. Roll this Way is all about keeping the process fun and exciting, showing you a unique side of sushi catering. So this was certainly a one of a kind night focused around good food and good people.

To top it all off, after rolling sushi with Hoffman, we got rocking to live music, with a special performance from Lady Gaga’s bass player Ricky Tillo. This mixed with premium sake, such as Kirin Ichiban and Gekkeikan, had everyone feeling like stars; and that’s what the Modern Concierge Experience is all about. At Modern Concierge, we believe in bringing you unforgettable events, undertaking the planning with seamless execution allowing you to relax and enjoy your night so everyone gets the star treatment.


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