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The Shared Success Series

In the crowded business landscape of Toronto, it’s very challenging for entrepreneurs to stand out, attract new clients and run successful events. Often your entire promotional budget is spent on one $50,000+ top shelf event. That’s a lot of eggs in one basket! The Shared Success Series allows you to invest the same budget as one top shelf solo event and spread it over 4-5 upscale events, by pairing you with non competitive partners who are equally focused on success. In this way, you will benefit by sharing networks, costs, attendees and attendee information.

A typical Shared Success Series event will take guests on a culinary or adventure experience at exclusive locations, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. They average a total of 30-40 carefully selected attendees from all participating partners (purchased in blocks of ten tickets each).

The size of the carefully curated guest list is critical to reaching your goals. At a huge event, you simply won’t have time to interact with all of your clients and prospects to make each one feel special. We’ve based the 30-40 guest maximum on years of experience in working with the businesses through events to acquire new clients.

Another one of our key learning from years of events is that the follow ups after a massive meeting can be self-defeating. If you have to follow up with 100+ contacts, the outreach becomes cookie cutter by necessity and the lack of personalized connections can cost you a solid lead.

In our SHARED SUCCESS SERIES, the size of the guest list enables you to follow-up in a personalized way to continue the connection made at the event.

We deliver access to multiple high-end corporate events and allow you to spread your promotional budget over one to five events to maximize your company’s exposure at a price you can afford.

Contact us at [email protected] to become a Shared Success Series partner – limited spots available.

Do we get invitations to send out to our contacts?

Yes, an Invitation template and everything else you need will be provided.

What type of people should I invite?

Individuals who are business prospects for you or potentially for your event partners – they will do the same thing for you.

Who hosts the event?

Tina Iaquinta (Owner & Founder, Modern Concierge) will act as primary host, but all partners will be introduced and invited to say a few words at every event.

Will there be anybody in my category?

No. You will be the exclusive partner for the category, though it’s possible that other sponsors could invite someone in your category as a guest.

How do I benefit from the event?

This is all about introducing you and your business to a new circle of high-net-worth individuals, as well as, allowing you to invite your own top prospects to a top-shelf event.

What’s the cost?

Starting at $20,000

What if my guests have food allergies?

We can accommodate all food requests/special needs.

Do I get access to the other list of guests?

We are required by law to give guests the option to opt out of providing their information, but we will encourage all guests to allow contact from event partners.

How many guests can I bring?

The number of guests will depend on what level of partnership you have purchased. We are very careful to keep the maximum number of guests capped at 50 to ensure that our sponsors can make meaningful connections with the attendees.

What are the cancellations rules for partners?

Once confirmed, partners are responsible for their agreed upon costs. There are no refunds for partners who do not show up to the events.

What is the cancellation policy for my guest(s)?

Guest counts will need to be confirmed one week prior to the event. If guests cancel, partners may replace them with new guests, not exceeding the original number of spots allocated.

Do I have an input on the venues or vendors?

Modern Concierge will take care of all venues, vendors, and creative for each event.