About Tina

Founder, Modern Concierge
Prolific Problem Solver

As a young and ambitious 23-year-old sales and marketing coordinator at a major Toronto investment firm, Tina wasn’t really looking to take on event management. But as time went on and Tina’s reputation grew, her unique problem-solving skills were requested to solve more and more problems. Every day, a line would form around her modest cubicle, bypassing more experienced co-workers and asking her to solve business-related problems. Even at that young age, Tina was everybody’s go-to person.

With a reputation forged on keeping expensive industry events on course, Tina fearlessly and effectively supported her sales team in marketing initiatives and specifically, events. From there, she brought her problem-solving prowess to high-net-worth fund managers. Tina famously sprained her ankle the morning of a major event and then limped across Toronto for several hours, to make sure the event was a success. That’s the kind of commitment she’s known for today.

Her passion for perfection and ability to manage multiple high-priorities at once, led Tina to found Modern Concierge in 2011. Her mission, to help clients lead healthier and happier lives by delegating their details to Modern Concierge, a trusted partner in Lifestyle Management.
Since then, and at least 100 events later, Modern Concierge has built a world class reputation as the go-to Toronto agency for top-shelf event planning and execution, luxury travel, lifestyle management, access to exclusive events and everything else that their extensive list of C-Suite and celebrity clients need to get done.

If it's legal and ethical, Tina will get it done for you.