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Personal Concierge Service

Tailor made just for you.

Gain access to a dedicated team of professionals that work to make your life easier and add a touch of luxury to your life in the process. Spend your time on what matters most

Personal Concierge Services
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Access & VIP Treatment

Want to walk the red carpet at the Oscars? Need an arborist who can revive your Cherry Birch? Trying to find a left-handed banjo for your niece? As long as it’s legal and ethical, we can get it done. Our network of connections is truly elite. As a Modern Concierge member, our people become your people.

Building a career you are genuinely passionate about. Spending time with your loved one’s period. Creating lasting memories through treasured experiences. These are the things that give life purpose – not checking all the boxes off of your to-do list.

With the Personal Concierge membership, you gain access to our dedicated team of professionals that work to make your life easier and add a touch of luxury in the process. 

Ready to simplify your life?

Life is short. Don’t waste time doing things you don’t want to do and don’t miss out on once in a lifetime opportunities. 
Imagine living life to its fullest potential.  Don’t allow time, anxiety, and overwhelming responsibilities to stop you from taking the time to enjoy the time you have. 
Reserve your waking hours for things that contribute to your overall well-being, that provide you with a sense of balance and happiness.

Give yourself the lifestyle you deserve so that you can fully immerse yourself into the beauty of life.

Executive Concierge Service

Peace of Mind

We’re here for you. We have you covered.  No request is too small or too weird. Your discretion and your well-being are the utmost importance to us.

Personal Assistant Services

Bespoke Membership

Our memberships are tailored to you. We get to know the little things that matter to you. From laundry pick up, to your cousins birthday. We ensure no stone goes unturned.

Errand Service Toronto

Exclusive Access

We’re a well-connected service that holds long-standing relationships with a wide range of partners and vendors that provide unique, first-rate experiences. You gain access to a dedicated team of professionals that work to make your life easier and add a touch of luxury to your life in the process.

Enjoy the Difference

We know the finer details that you might not and make it happen with luxurious grace, style and personalized flair.

No detail is too small for us, and we take great pride in making each and every one of our clients happy. We are experts in knowing what our clients want before they even knew themselves.  We have are known to have pulled some rabbits out of hats, got Michael Jordan signed sport gear, sourced sold out gaming devices and created magical glamping experiences for our clients. Let us do the same for you.


Luxury Travel Agency Toronto
Luxury Concierge Service
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Business Concierge Services

Next Steps

Would you like to have a dedicated team of professionals at your disposal, ready and willing to take on whatever tasks you need completed? Whether it’s making reservations for that special dinner out or arranging transportation for your next business trip, our Personal Concierge Service is here to help.

Have more questions?

We’re here to answer all your questions, if you can’t find them here, please reach out. to us!

What is the biggest benefit to having a Personal Concierge?

Having a Personal Concierge allows you to focus on the things you value most, such as career, relationships, family and community.

How is your Personal Concierge membership different from your competitors?

We are one stop shop for everything.  Many of our competitors focus on one aspect of the concierge world – whether it’s travel, VIP events or home services.  We’ve spent the past 10 years partnering with people who are experts in it all –  so we know the people to call when you want to walk the red carpet at the Oscars, the people to call when your daughter loses her favourite stuffed animal that’s been discontinued and you need a new one asap, and the people to call when your sink breaks.

We also make sure we know you first and foremost with an hour-long onboarding call – where we pull out all of the important information from your favourite musician to your moms birthday to your biggest fear! This way we can be that proactive sidekick you need in your life.  Gone are the days of missing birthdays or anniversaries and gone are the days that you didn’t know about something that you loved happening in your area.  We make the calls and pull off the miracles while you rest assured, we’ve got your back.

Is there anything you cannot do?

We cannot suspend the laws of physics and we insist on keeping things legal and ethical. But within those constraints, we can be very creative. Simply talk to us if there’s something unusual you’d like assistance with. Want to see some of the things we can do for you? Find out more and compare our packages 

What if I already have an assistant or nanny?

The Personal Concierge membership is a complement to your support staff. We offer you responsiveness, creativity, and an elite network of connections that you won’t find anywhere else.

What can I expect during an onboarding call? Why do you need all this information?

Our onboarding call allows us to truly get to know you.  The more we know about your likes, dislikes and things that are important to you, the more we can personalize the service to your needs.  The longer that you’re with us, the more information we learn and the more personalized the service can become. i.e. if we know that you always send your mother white flowers on mother’s day – a week before we’ll make sure we’ve set that up for you, so you don’t have to think twice about it!

Modern Concierge helped me plan a last minute weekend getaway to Minneapolis to visit my family. With their help, I was quickly able to book a flight, car, and hotel. They sent me a full itinerary and calendar invites for each booking and took care of scheduling everything. All I had to do was provide a few details and it was done. I know I am not going to be using anyone else but them for my travel bookings.

Sarah Barber