You’re probably more than ready to say goodbye to 2020—do it safely with our guide to New Year’s Eve activities.

No one will miss 2020 when it’s gone—and hopefully, the new year will be bringing brighter days ahead. Days without worrying if you will lose your job, or spending time with your family and friends, and without worrying about your health.

With possible lockdowns still in place, the option of having a rager is not an option. But don’t fret. Your New Year’s Eve 2020 celebrations might look a little different than usual, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be special!

If you’re more than ready to ring in the new year responsibly, here’s how to celebrate the start of 2021 safely.

Ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your Partner

New Years Eve date night is unlike other date nights. Ring in the new year with your partner in style. Bonus if you are lucky enough to be able to leave your children in the care of someone for the evening.

Here are some cheap ways to make your homemade new year’s celebration is special during the pandemic. 

Get Cozy

Plan a romantic night in with some special food that you and your partner will love. How about the Charcuterie board of your dreams from Boards in the Six? Let us take care of it. You choose the movie and cuddle up with your partner. We handle the rest.

Go Fancy

Just because you can’t hit the restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up! Throw on your best New Years outfit, light some candles and have a couple cocktails. Order an in-home chef to cook you a special three course meal – just as though you were out of the house.

Not a fan of an in-house chef? No problem! Almost all of the city’s finest restaurants will be working New Years Eve on their delivery services. Need recommendations? We have a list lined up of our top restaurants you can order from on New Years Eve.

Go Outside

If you don’t mind the cold, packing some blankets and pouring yourself some mulled wine, or any hot beverage, is the perfect pair for stargazing!

Fireworks in the park? Set up a tent outside and watch the fireworks from your favorite spot!

Ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your Family

Although it was a difficult year, it is just as important to choose time to get together as a family and talk about what you loved about this year. Here are some fun ways to spend some fun, quality family time while being safe.

Fondue Night

Who doesn’t love fondue!? This is a fun dinner that you and the family will enjoy, year after year. Whether it is a chocolate fondue, or a cheese fondue, your family is sure to enjoy this fun activity together. 

Call us to get all the ingredients on your fondue list and have it delivered right to your door.

Game Night

Dust off those board games and set up a tournament! This is a great idea to bring fun and laughter into the room, all while spending quality time without your phones.

Can’t keep your phone out of your hand? We’ll allow it! Because there are hundreds of fun, family game apps that you can enjoy playing, such as Heads up, Mad Libs, or Ticket to Ride.

For the Fireworks

One of the best things about NYE is watching fireworks. Get the excitement started early by either driving to a before-midnight fireworks display or staying in and watching some quality online displays.

This magical show at Disneyland will have young ones enthralled, while older kids will appreciate London NYE fireworks set to pop music hits.

Ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve alone

So you live alone this New Years and want to celebrate ringing in the new year. Check out these fun ideas that you are sure to enjoy!

With your besties

If you can’t be together in person, schedule a zoom call with your best friends to have some drinks together – virtually!! Don’t stop there – make an invitation and send it out to your friends with the zoom call invite. Be sure to be explicit what dress code is appropriate at your online party too (PJ party, dress up fancy, themed, etc).

New Year – New me

What better way to get rid of 2020 then kicking it’s memories to the curb. Redecorate your home – out with the old and in the with new. Purge on your in-home closet and set aside for donate, give away, sell and donate. You’ll feel fresh and clutter free afterwards!

Last Minute Getaway

There are flights departing from all major airports within Canada, which means that if you have the time and the cash, a last minute getaway to a tropical paradise is definitely an option!

Call our office and set up a time to talk about your travel options. No matter where you want to go, we are able to organize the entire process, from at home pickup, to Covid related documentations that are required to fly, all the way up until you have landed in a tropical oasis with a cocktail in your hand.

Whatever ideas take your fancy, you should be able to do them enjoyably and — more importantly — safely. Have fun, and join us in raising a glass to a happy and healthy new year.

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