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Trouble prioritizing yourself? Learn 6 creative ways to enjoy some much-needed me-time.

There are so many entrepreneurs and professionals who work hard, day in and day out. Whether it’s a long day at the office or coming home to devote time to the children and spouse, it’s common to spend most of our time worrying about someone else. Yet, with all of the stress and responsibility that comes with our demanding roles, it’s important to prioritize some me-time.

Many of us refrain from the idea of me-time at the risk of sounding selfish or inconsiderate. But the truth is carving out time to be on your own and do the things you enjoy will not only benefit you but the people around you. Experts suggest that doing things that feed us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually promotes greater patience and a more positive attitude in relationships. Think of me-time as the basis of practicing self-care. Doing so regularly will allow you to be a better, more well-rounded individual for your loved ones and peers.

For those of us constantly inundated with work tasks or responsibilities at home, it can be hard to know exactly where to start when it comes to prioritizing me-time. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to take a break from your busy schedule!

Let’s explore six creative ways to enjoy some time for yourself:

Make a list of things you enjoy doing

Over the years, busy work and home lives will have you forgetting the things you used to love. Start by making a list and book one day a week at a time that works best to get back into them

Take a break from social media and spend some time offline

Social media is the typical space where we go to be alone, but the truth is there are so many healthier alternatives that could be better for our mental health. Take some time offline and participate in an activity where your devices are uninvited. 

Go for a walk outside in nature

It’s no secret that nature can do wonders for our mental health and stability. Find some time to get away from all the noise of the city. Perhaps take a different route home or while walking the dog and immerse yourself in the nature happening around you.

Buy yourself flowers and plant them in your garden

Gardening is a great way to connect with nature and practice self-care as well. If you don’t have a garden, simply buying yourself flowers can be enough to brighten up your day.

Try cooking something new

This can be anything from a gourmet meal to baking cookies. Doing something creative and inspiring is a great way to spend time with yourself. Plan the day to start by going to the market for fresh ingredients. Making this a weekly or monthly ritual is also an act of self-care.

Create an art project that is just for you

Perhaps you have a job that involves ideation or innovation. Consider creating for the sake of just creating. This can be a refreshing way to spend time with yourself while becoming more inspired. Consider taking up painting, drawing, cooking, or sculpting.

If you’re an entrepreneur or busy professional, try to take a look at your schedule and see what you can do to remove some of the stress. It’s important to prioritize some me-time every now and then, so you don’t experience burnout or become overwhelmed by your work. While many well-meaning colleagues or friends might say “just take time off” or “go on vacation,” it’s often easier said than done. However, if you want your business to succeed in the long run, you’ll need to find that elusive balance between life inside and outside of work.  

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