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“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.”


Lobster… Lighthouses… Ships… Seafood… Ocean… all things that come to mind when dreaming about Canada’s East Coast.

Often times, the best way to bring people together is over a delicious meal, and in true East Coast fashion, we treated guests to some of the best seafood they’ve had in years. It’s true, they really said that!

Our Lobster Fest has been a huge hit over the last few years, and this year was no different. With over 60 people in attendance, it was lively, energetic, and engaging. Surrounded by light flooding in through the glass windows of The Richmond, guests enjoyed music, mingling, and the impressive custom-made oyster bar, built for this occasion by our talented chef Chris Brown.


For any event, intricate decor is something that can truly transform a space from a blank canvas to an experience. Transforming this space in downtown Toronto to give guests the feeling of being along the East Coast was an enjoyable task for us. Every last detail was thought out to ensure guests felt the presence of a traditional lobster fest, while knowing they were getting a luxury experience. Beautifully set tables consisted of long white table cloths, full table settings, and stainless-steel containers for guest gloves. Adding a fresh and fun twist was the gingham table cloths overlaying the white, the lobster decorated bibs, and the newspaper where the seafood would go, blending traditional aspects with contemporary styling.


Centerpieces filled with beautiful peonies and fissels brought a bright and airy feeling to the venue. We specifically chose red lanterns to offset the whites and blues, and to bring back that lighthouse, East Coast shoreline feeling. Our personalized branded bars showed the landscape of the East Coast, and centered with a traditional ship replica, the feeling of the ocean was all around us.

The decor in an event goes hand in hand with the experience that guests have, this is why we at Modern Concierge ensure the interactive experience of our guests is integrated into the entire atmosphere.

The action of the food being poured onto the tables excited guests, as many of them had never seen or eaten like this before. Let’s be honest, most established professionals aren’t exactly used to wearing bibs and eating with their hands while networking, but this interactive aspect was the perfect way to come together and bond over their joy of this culinary experience.


Lobster Fest is consistently one of our most loved events of the year, and this one was so successful that we have already booked multiple Lobster Fests for next June.

Sharing a meal is one of the best possible ways to truly connect with someone, and this thought was embodied at our event. Our trusted Toronto vendors, The Richmond, and Victor Dries Catering, are among the best in the city, and always bring us the best possible creations.



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