In the midst of a chaotic world it can be easy to forget to unwind and take care of yourself. After 5 straight weeks of teaching at an outdoor pop-up fitness studio, our Client Experience Manager, Kayla decided to do something for herself. With the help of Float Valley, Kayla took some much needed R&R time by floating in a silent, dark chamber. 

Floating is an experience like no other. Within a soundproof, light proof, odorless tank you simply float on a bed of highly salted water, recharging your body in a state of sensory deprivation. Each tank’s water contains roughly 800 pounds of magnesium-rich Epsom salts that allow your body to float effortlessly at the surface. In fact, because the water is heated to the exact temperature of your skin, you can’t even feel it. Kayla said, “It feels as if you’re floating in empty space, completely at ease with the environment around you. Time doesn’t exist, your mind goes blank, and you just feel great. It was probably the most relaxed I have ever been” 

Float tanks allow you to reduce the sensory environment and focus on your body and mind. It has many positive effects on stress, anxiety, and pain. If you let it, the body and mind will become completely relaxed, and you will begin to go deeper into yourself. Before you know it, the time is up and you are left with a total body bliss feeling. 

But is it scary? Not at all. It’s not like you are locked in for the full hour. You can get up if you so wish. Each float tank has the ability to turn the light on and the door is quite easy to open. Kayla said she was, “pleasantly surprised” with the amount of space the tank had. If you are looking for more of an enclosed experience, there are also smaller chambers you can book for your session. 

All in all, it seems like this is the right experience for those looking for a way to completely relax in a controlled environment. Without distractions and sensory overload it is easy to let go of your worries and fully embrace the experience.

There are a few floating places around Toronto. Book a reservation today. 

Float Valley

Float Toronto

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