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In life, we often face situations where we don’t know what step to take next and it can get confusing when we doubt ourselves. Habits, choices and the ability to change your focus and mentality are all part of moving forward and upward – whether it’s business or in your personal life. We like to think there’s a solution for so why not change your vision and look at things differently.

Here are a few fantastic and inspiring Ted Talks for entrepreneurs and young minds that want to focus:

4 Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers by Professor Adam Grant – TED Talk

Usually, creative people are filled with ideas in their head, but they start doubting them when executing them. In his TED talk, Professor Adam Grant talks about the originals – who don’t just think and plan but take steps for implementing and achieving the desired goal. These people speak loudly for themselves and choose to stand out in a crowd. Originals don’t fear failure and bad ideas; they believe that many bad ideas can foster good ones. Professor Adam speaks of extraordinary personalities from history, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Martin Luther King and the founders of Warbly Parker who had the same approach and achieved some great triumphs.

The Paradox of Choice, by Barry Schwartz – TED Talk

Psychologist Barry Schwartz argues that too many options in today’s era make us mentally trapped in high expectations, self-doubts, and fear of failure. Schwartz believes that the more choices we get, the more we tend to overthink. We don’t settle with few satisfiers and keep asking for more picks like the maximizer. Barry Schwartz tells in his TED talk that having infinite options can be paralyzing and frustrating to the human mind. He also describes the term analysis paralysis, which occurs due to overthinking over any decision. One should think about important decisions instead of wasting time thinking about something unnecessary.

Imposter Syndrome, by Mike Cannon-Brookes – TED Talk

No matter what we may have achieved, there will always be self-doubts that don’t let us take credits for our achievements. Australian tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes, the co-CEO of the software company Atlassian, talks about his personal experience of Imposter Syndrome in his TED talk. He mentions Imposter Syndrome by explaining his life’s whole story where he always used to think of himself as a ‘fraud’ that lacks knowledge of his field. He says that all the wealthy and successful people fear being called a “fraud”, leading to the development of Imposter Syndrome in their mind. He concludes by suggesting a solution to this syndrome. Watch to find out his solution!

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