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To celebrate Canada’s last birthday, we hosted an evening full of unique art, exquisite cuisine, and everything Canadian! Held at the Arta Gallery, in the heart of Toronto’s historic Distillery District, an important cultural and artistic centre promoting Canadian artists, our 5 Senses Experience was a celebration to spark everyone’s senses. Inspired by Canada’s natural beauty, guests enjoyed a night of laughs while satisfying their senses with good food, drinks, art, and people.


Thanks to the wonderful Victor Dries , a team dedicated to serving an unforgettable culinary experience, we were able to represent Canadian food from coast to coast. From East Coast oysters to poutine from Quebec, the celebration of Canada’s birthday was truly Canadian. Two of our favourite brands, Crystal Head Vodka, and Silversmith craft beers, created specialty drinks to pair with these delicious foods. What’s more Canadian than cold beer from Niagara’s award winning Silversmith Craft Brewery?


Our art exhibit of outstanding works by talented Canadian artists paid homage to Canada’s rich natural beauty and diversity. The Arta Gallery provided a large, unique space that acted as a backdrop for our guests, promoting art by making talented artists more accessible to the Toronto community. Guests also got to see their own colour and creativity come to life while enjoying spray painting Crystal Head Vodka skulls.


A specifically curated playlist of Canadian music was the soundtrack of the night while guests mixed and mingled. The sounds of Canada were represented from the old to the new. From Canadian classics like Anne Murray and Celine Dion to modern legends like Drake and The Weeknd, we were reminded  that Canada has produced some of the best musicians in the world.


The thrill of paddling down the St. Lawrence River is as Canadian as it gets, so we brought in a an authentic, hand-crafted canoe in tribute to what it feels like to be truly Canadian; reminding us of the smoothness of wood against your hand as your paddle hits bumpy waters.


Throughout the night, scents from dishes like British Columbia wild salmon kept our mouths watering. The delicious fragrances from our Canadian inspired hors d’oeuvre wafted through the air leaving everyone wanting more.


It was truly a memorable night at the Arta Gallery, in honour of Canada’s birthday. Each of our Canadian vendors brought their ‘A’ game, showing guests what is means to be Canadian and proud. From Victor Dries and Raw Catering’s culinary delicacies, to Crystal Head Vodka and SilverSmith Brewery drinks, we showed everyone the beauty of Canada, and celebrated how it reaches each of our 5 senses.

And since our 5 Senses Experience was such a success, why wait another 150 years to celebrate? We look forward to planning your next event! At Modern Concierge, we’re devoted to creating the best all-encompassing experiences for our guests.


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