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It’s extremely important to keep connected during this time of change. Whether you had an event, conference, or office outing planned, there are multiple ways of recreating these events virtually. 

Utilizing virtual programs that offer video calls and live-streaming services offer a virtual venue that can be accessed from almost anywhere. Consumers can dial or log in and have access to the same content they would if they were attending the physical event. It’s also a great idea to utilize multiple services at once for consumer ease. Working with A/V and web-streaming professionals is important when hosting online events, to ensure they run smoothly and there are no connectivity issues that would drive away audiences. 


Utilizing Social Media

The growth of social media in today’s world makes it easy to leverage tools like YouTube and Facebook or Instagram Live, where you, influencers from specific industries, or businesses can have sole control over the event in terms of flow and commentary, and audiences can ask questions in real time. Social media is also a great tool as you can present links to other information, giving your audience access to multiple streams of content at once, while also using audiences to build further engagement through things like hashtags and sharing posts. 

Online events and conferences may give you access to a broader spectrum of speakers and panelists, as there is no physical travel involved and therefore takes up less of their time. Building relationships with multiple influencers within your industry, or event topic, will help to promote your events as they can share and post about it on their own platforms. Ensuring your speakers and presenters are providing actionable content is extremely important when hosting online events. Your audience needs to walk away with something they can implement right away, so they can see the value of attending something online. Making sure you keep the audience engaged is also important, as they can “log off” at any time. 

Just because the event is online, doesn’t mean you don’t need an agenda. Creating a detailed itinerary will ensure the flow of the event is smooth, natural, and the timeline is followed. 



Your virtual events need to be marketed, just like a physical one would be. Utilizing your database to market your event online is a great way to ensure you reach your audience thoroughly. Through social media and online marketing, you can easily share and promote your events, with many platforms offering options to target specific demographics. 

Drive engagement beforehand through inviting your audiences to submit questions and topic interests beforehand. People are increasingly interested in connecting with like-minded people, and experts within their industries, online at these virtual events. 

Having special offers available to your audiences is a fantastic way to continue to generate revenue from your online events. Hone in on exactly what you audience needs and wants, and create offers that are “too good” to pass up. Some examples of these can include: purchasing audio files or video recordings from the events, private Q&A sessions with speakers and experts, access to a private community or platform, etc. It’s important to create a post-event plan where you can continue to leverage growth and revenue.


Online Event Ideas

  • Online panels
  • Conference with experts from a specific industry or topic 
  • Online wine nights: everyone in your group receives a bottle of wine and enjoys it over a video networking session at the same time (this can work for other things such as coffee or chocolate)
  • Online book club

Moving conferences online can solve other sustainability problems as well. Moving events to virtual reduces travel costs, pollution, and accessibility concerns, as there is almost no carbon footprint involved. These virtual events end up being inclusive as your audience can log in from the comfort of their own home, and enjoy with options such as live captioning, language selection, and speed of speech.


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