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A beautiful new home needs to be admired. It takes a lot of effort to hunt out the perfect house from dozens of listings, select an exclusive neighbourhood, move, do it up and design it to your unique taste. Once you’ve done it all, it’s time to celebrate! The perfect way to welcome your friends and family is by throwing a grand housewarming party. This gives you the chance to invite your new neighbours and get to know them too. Party planning is not easy, especially a lavish, luxurious one with important people to impress. Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you get it together better.

Statement Invitations

A personalized invitation card sets the tone for your party. For a grand get-together, ditch the e-invites and send out exclusive paper card invitations. It helps to plan a theme around which you can plan to keep it more exciting. Integrate the theme into every aspect of the party-planning, including your invitation cards. If it’s a romantic fall theme, use the colours of fall in the invitation card or shape the card like a rust-coloured maple leaf that has just fallen off the tree. Add an RSVP that mentions the dress code clearly, the contact details and include a map to make your address easier to locate.

Luxurious Home Decor

Next, plan your home decor to get it party-ready. Make sure it’s sparkling clean, do it up with the theme you have in mind, get out your linen, lace tablecloth, crystalware, candles, all aligned with the theme. Stock up your bathroom and kitchen with sanitizing essentials such as hand soap, trash bags, cleaning paper products and fluffy hand towels. It’s a good idea to pack away your family heirlooms or fragile decorative items that you don’t want to risk breaking when the floor clears for a dance. Set up extra seating areas to create zones of comfort for people to gather in. Add colourful cushions, coffee tables, and designate a separate area in the entryway for jackets and shoes. Create a playlist that gels with the theme. The music sets the mood for the party and brings it to life.

Dining, Drinks and Activities

The menu is always the trickiest part. For a formal housewarming, include a good selection of finger foods to nibble with simple drinks. It’s trendy to set up food stations along with the bar. Make sure they are away from the entranceways or the stations will block the traffic. It’s a good idea to hire professionals for menu planning and serving so you can enjoy your party while they look into the logistics, set up and cleaning.

Landscaped Patio

How about an impressive landscaped setting at the patio if it’s not a winter housewarming? Set up bars and snacks outdoors if you plan to use the outdoor area so your home remains clean. Try not to give a tour of your home to everyone at once. Schedule tours to small groups as they arrive so it’s easier to optimize your time and offer personalized attention.

Modern Concierge

It is important for you to enjoy the evening as much as your guests. If your standards are high, simply delegate the complex task of planning a grand housewarming party to the professionals who can do it best. Our team at Modern Concierge know how to pull out all the stops when it comes to a luxurious celebration. We pay careful attention to your vision then develop a personalized plan tailored to fit your needs. We also arrange logistics, organize specialized luxury travel and unique experiences that take a simple theme to an unforgettable level of excellence.



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