We know it’s a stressful time to have to from home while also making the switch to taking care of your kid’s full time. Managing the entire household is already a large task, so we want to share with you some great ways to keep the kids entertained throughout these long days.

Amazon Prime Reading (FREE)

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, or are interested in becoming one, then Prime Reading is an amazing way to keep your kids occupied in an educational and entertaining way. Prime Reading gives you access to thousands of books, comics, magazines, and other reading materials all for free! Kids and family members of all ages can read from any device and stay engaged. There are also some great features like audio books that are great for younger children and those who need audio-assistance. 

Modern Concierge Tip: Start a family book-club once a week where you can all come together and have a fun evening of reading or discussing some great books all together!

Online Tours and Attractions

During time off, families usually head to places like museums, theme parks, and zoos. Well fear not, many of these places have made the switch to online and are offering free virtual tours and attractions. 

Physical Activity 

Keeping up with physical activity is extremely important! To keep the kids, and yourself, active try taking up daily family walks or hosting an afternoon dance party where you play some of your favourite music and jam out together. Ontario Youth Sports is hosting a virtual “Home Olympics”, where twice a week they’ll post two challenges that your kids can complete and compete in. You can also check out Cosmic Kids Yoga, where they post kid-friendly yoga videos that teach mindfulness and keep your young ones moving. 

It’s also a stressful time for the kids, not completely understanding what’s going on, and likely not having enough to do to keep them occupied during the day, so try to remember to go easy on them as well. This is a great time to teach them about social distancing and cleanliness that they can continue to utilize long after this time is over.

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