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Learn how to get the most out of your next networking event.

If there’s anything successful professionals and entrepreneurs have learned throughout their careers, it’s that it’s not always what you know, but rather who you know. Networking is a major part of the game of business. Whether your job requires you to stay well connected for the sake of your clients’ needs or to simply help you get ahead in your field and expand to new markets, meaningful contacts are invaluable.

Networking events are a great place to start, especially the ones disguised as social gatherings After all, after a long week at the office, no one wants to go to an event that feels like more work. In fact, Modern Concierge knows a thing or two about mutually beneficial social circles.

Whether it’s a social event with a curated guest list of the city’s elite, or an out-of-town work conference with peers in attendance, here are a few tips you might want to consider to ensure you get the most out of your next networking event.

Set Intentions

As you make your way to your next event, be 100% clear on what you want to accomplish. What are your current goals and how can this event help you get closer to them?  If you’re job searching, are you looking for introductions, recommendations, coaching, or something else? If you’re networking for business, are you looking for new clients, potential partners, investors, or opportunities? The more specific you can be, with these answers, the better you’re able to ask.

Facilitate Introductions

If you’re already someone who’s well-connected, facilitating introductions is a great way to grow your network even further. Be what we call a “super-connector.” If you know of two people who can be of value to each other, make sure they meet. Both will appreciate it, and more importantly, they will remember you for it. Try to be inclusive to others as well. If you spot someone sitting alone while you converse with a bunch of people, invite them into the mix. The more you make others feel welcome and at ease, the more people will want to be around you – especially if they know you’re full of connections.

Shake Hands With Important People

Here’s a hack you can use if you’re trying to connect with someone who’s a little harder to get to. If you see an elected official, the event host, or an important business leader in the room, all it takes is a few handshakes. Just walk up when he or she is talking to someone else, put your hand out and say it’s nice seeing them at the event and walk away. It’s likely they’ll assume you’ve met in the past and simply forgot your name. After a few events of doing this, that person will start to recognize your face, and before you know it, will be walking up to you and striking up a conversation.

Show Genuine Interest

It’s easy to lose real, meaningful connection while trying to rack up more “connections.” Nothing is worse than trying to network with someone who obviously just wants to give you their business card and move on. The best networking experiences are when you can spark genuine shared interest that organically blossoms into a mutually beneficial relationship. Make sure you actually learn something about the people you network with, whether it’s personal or a professional detail. This is especially helpful because you’ll want to make mention of it later when reaching out after the event.

Here at Modern Concierge, we believe that when it comes to networking, an introduction is only as good as the memorable encounter that follows it. Looking for a way to gain access to an unparalleled group of emerging leaders and mingle with some of the city’s elite? Our networking events and social circles facilitate some of the most coveted connections available to professionals today as well as a total immersion of luxury experiences. Contact us today to learn more about our events!

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