Incorporating local resources into events is more important than ever. Looking into ways to help vendors within our own communities is crucial, especially throughout these unprecedented times. We’ve been working with local vendors and resources to host our own virtual events, and want to share our tips and suggestions to do the same! 


Food and beverages are probably the easiest way to bring local resources into virtual events. Over the past two months we’ve hosted wine tastings, champagne tastings, and food pairing virtual events. A simple combination of bringing together a local restaurant and a local brewery or winery, is the perfect blend to promote their businesses while also keeping your virtual events exciting and emphasizing the community aspect. Think about putting together a small tasting menu that can be easily packaged and sent to your attendees locations. Hosting a virtual event like this is not only a great way to bring your guests together, but also to help support businesses who are being hit the hardest.

Along with restaurants, you can also support local businesses by sending swag or specialty items to your event attendees. If you’re hosting a conference, think about branding cloth bags or notebooks from local shops. If you’re hosting a happy hour, look into sending barware, or a cocktail book from your city! 


Have you heard of other events in your area that have moved to virtual? It may be a great idea to try and join forces to expand and create unique virtual events that hit a greater market. You may have certain resources that blend well with another event, and the virtual world may be the perfect place to come together. Look into your local orchestras or opera companies to host a live performance for your guests, or source a local yoga or meditation studio, and host a virtual class or workshop for your guests. There are so many unique businesses and resources within your own communities, that one could argue this is the best time to explore your most creative ideas! 


Of course, giving back to our communities during this time of need is extremely important! Add charitable components to your virtual events by coming up with some creative and fun ideas to get your guests involved. This also adds a personal touch to your attendees by showing you care about them and the community they reside in. No matter the type of event you’re hosting, bringing in local resources is sure to help make a significant and positive impact within your community!


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