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Over the last year our client, Westmount Guarantee, has rapidly grown and taken over an entire business sector.

They have generated this success quietly, and have exceptionally grown into a leader in their industry.

One could almost say they’ve grown in the dark…

To commemorate this growth, we designed and executed and event with theme of “Grow in The Dark”. We were enticed by creating an atmosphere where it felt as though things were growing all around us, going through all the stages of life, and having this shown as the evening progressed.


We are always looking for interactive and immersive experiences for our guests to be a part of, and bringing technology into the event space is an efficient way of doing so.

Having guests immersed in a space where they were completely surrounded by moving images, and feeing like they were in another world was an integral part of our design.

Through this vision we created an event that explored the idea of event technology and how we could create a moment that highlighted the methodical successes of Westmount, comparing that growth with the nature and visuals of growing in the dark.

Video and designs of nature constantly growing, changing and blooming, came to life on each of the 4 walls of our venue, using the latest up to date video, and interactive projection technology. Doing so on the crisp, white walls of the venue, we went from a literal blank canvas to futuristic space that embodied growth in the dark.


Creating an extremely visual experience for guests is an amazing way to ensure they are engaged and entertained. With our world becoming very visual and fast-paced, it can be hard to keep someone’s attention for long, but by using new technologies and immersive experiences, we know that guests will continue to be enticed and entertained.

Our intention through events is to create a community of shared experiences, where guests continue to leave with new and important relationships.

A special thanks to the exceptional creative, JD Shows/Designs who composed and executed the visuals for this event. As well as, District 28 who are always a pleasure to work with.

It was incredible working together through the creative process to create a specific message that spoke to Westmount Guarantee’s vision and success.



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