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Increase engagement with these effective tips for motivating your employees.


Whether employers want to believe it or not, there’s been a massive shift in the corporate landscape over the past two years. And there’s no shadow of a doubt that remote working is one of the biggest factors. While employing a work-from-home or hybrid model can offer a host of benefits, from better flexibility to less commuting to more time being spent with your kids, there’s one downside that managers across industries are having to contend with. Motivation.

Working from home isn’t always as fun as it sounds – any entrepreneur who built their company from the ground up will tell you that. Office hours begin to blend into those that should be spent off the clock, and working out of your bed, while comfy, is hardly productive. The truth is, it takes an immense amount of self-discipline and a balanced mindset to work successfully from home.

So how can employers keep their staff energized to get the job done when the distance between their office and their bedroom is a short skip and a jump? Whether your employees work from home or still come into the office every day, here are a few effective tips for keeping them motivated.

Create An Accountability Plan

Not being intentional about workplace accountability is a sure way for employees to lose their motivation. A lack of accountability at work can give your employees the impression that standards aren’t important. Additionally, even high performers may hold back their effort if the expectations are unclear. To avoid coming off as confrontational, create an accountability plan that focuses on the performance of the whole system, not just a person. Make sure employees are clear on the goals of the company and how their performance impacts its ability to meet these goals. Employees will appreciate knowing they are part of a bigger plan once they can see the full scope. 

Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

A recent study found that the most motivational factors for employees are job certainty, career growth opportunities, and a quality working environment. If you know your business is rapidly expanding, giving your employees room to grow within the company is a huge motivator. Sure, dangling the carrot of more money might paint them intrigued, but the motivation for money is generally temporary. Overall, employees want to feel trusted and respected for their work. Enough so that you see a place for them in the future. For instance, if your aim is to expand your business to new markets, think about which of your employees might be a good fit to take the reins. Showing you truly care about your employees’ career development is not only a sign of great leadership but an effective motivator for your team.

Rewards and Acknowledgement

Managers can be great at telling employees when they’re doing things wrong, but don’t always take the time to let them know when they’re doing something right. An overlooked method of achieving optimal performance from your employees is through acknowledgement and reward. Whether it’s a simple meeting to let them know their hard work is being noticed or a nice gift for the whole team procured by a concierge service, saying thank you is an excellent way to keep the momentum going. The truth is, knowing you’re doing a good job creates more intrinsic motivation than a simple paycheck. 

At the end of the day, if you’re running a business, your employees are and will always be your greatest asset. Don’t confuse motivation with micro-management. Being clear, trusting, and encouraging will allow your team to value the autonomy you’ve given them and become passionately productive in the process.

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