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Showing your appreciation to your clients for supporting your business should be done year round. With the holiday season close, now is the perfect time to give that special gift to acknowledge them.

Whether it’s carols playing in the malls, or menorahs in the window, the holiday season is upon us. For many businesses, it can be a great time to say “thank you” to the clients who’ve helped you have a successful year. Some companies choose to send holiday cards, where others want to go above and beyond. Sending a gift can make a deeper impression.

Although gift-giving over the Holidays is the most popular time of year to acknowledge your clients, who’s to say you shouldn’t give appreciation to them all year long?

Frequently recognizing their hard work not only boosts client retention, but will have them feeling supported and satisfied all year round.

With that being said, the Holiday season is a prime opportunity to give the gift of thanks for all their generosity and support.

Check out these client gift ideas that you can give all year long – including over the Holidays!

Make it Personal

If you want your clients to feel special – that’s the goal, right?! – then we suggest giving a personalized gift that is only for them.

This could be a coffee table book with their name on it, or represents their business.

Or, maybe they are in the food and beverage industry, and a personalized bottle of wine is the perfect gift.

Do your clients have kids? A gift for them to remember you by will show how you’ve gone above and beyond this season.

Experiences are Everything

Here at The Modern Concierge, we are big believers in providing the best quality services. Although it has been a challenge organizing our services around Covid, we found that with some creativity, many interactive experiences can be done in a safe and sophisticated way.

This year, give the gift of a culinary experience at Cirillo’s – a culinary event space that specializes in large group cooking parties.

Host a Supper Club virtually or in-home event that features culinary highlights from one of Italy’s twenty different regions.

Head to the Vintage Conservatory – a private club for people who collect wine, and like to entertain or do business with bottles from their collections. This experience is for members only, so give us a call and we’ll make the arrangements.

Home Office Trinkets

During the pandemic, and likely well afterward, many people will work from home. Send your clients a terrarium flower or succulent to brighten up their desk space. You can have an arrangement made for your clients by Stok Floral and Design. They have seasonal floral and unique blooms so they can customize for any client.

Get personal and send them a coffee mug with their name on it, or with something that reminds you of them. Here at The Modern Concierge, we have years of experience organizing the perfect gift for different types of clients, and we understand the importance of having an office space that will help you feel productive day after day.

Underlying the custom of Holiday gift-giving has an important purpose: appreciation. However, your clients should be reminded regularly throughout the year of how much you value their loyalty to you and your business.

Because gifts don’t express appreciation, people do. And when people don’t express it, neither do their gifts.

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