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Have peace of mind all 2022 with this checklist for organizing your life.


How many January’s each year do you spend contemplating goals for the new year only to feel overwhelmed at the idea of getting your life organized? It’s normal to want a fresh start – admirable even. But whether it’s that stack of papers sitting on your desk or an overflowing closet you need to sort through, getting yourself organized is not always easy. Add in the pressures of mundane everyday responsibilities, and before you know it, another year has passed, and all you’ve done is sign up for yet another monthly subscription.

But don’t worry – you’re not alone. Surveys show that 73% of people believe organizing their life would put them more at ease, with 63% calling it a major de-stressor. However, the problem for most people is executing this new, tidier lifestyle. If you’re having trouble getting there, making a checklist for the year is a good start. Having a checklist for the year is a great way to hold yourself accountable and allow your year to run smoothly, knowing everything you need to get done from the start.

The following are some prompts to help get you started!

  1. Give the house a deep clean. A quick tidying up is often the norm in most households, but don’t wait too long before doing a good deep cleaning. This means cleaning out drawers, the garage if you have one, closets, and any other storage places that hold all the clutter that goes unnoticed by your guests.
  2. Donate unwanted clothes or other items. Whether it’s clothes the kids have outgrown or old rags you never wear but can’t help but hold onto, it’s time to pack them all up and head to your nearest Value Village or donation bin. Not only will this provide you with some much-needed catharsis, but your items will also find a home that’s more in need of them than yours.
  3. Book in advance. For better peace of mind this year, consider booking all your dentist appointments, routine doctor’s visits, PTAs, and birthday reservations in advance. This can also apply to future vacation plans, which are likely to be booked up quickly once Covid restrictions begin to ease.
  4. Start journaling. Journaling your thoughts is a great way to keep your mind organized. After all, your mind is where it all starts. Studies also show that bullet-journaling, in particular, can have a lot of positive benefits to our mental health.
  5. Plan ahead. Like managing the appointments on your calendar, planning your week – or even your month – ahead can help keep your mundane responsibilities in check. Planning and scheduling even small tasks from laundry to workouts will help ensure nothing on your plate falls through the cracks.
  6. Unsubscribe. We weren’t kidding with that monthly subscription comment earlier. Even your email inbox can be a source of stress when it is cluttered with unnecessary newsletters. Not to mention those first-month free monthly subscriptions you’re still paying for will add up over time. Getting a handle on stuff like this will help you feel more organized and in control of your life. 

When the clutter in your home starts mounting, your stress levels rise right along with it. To put yourself more at ease, a personal concierge service like Modern Concierge can take care of all of these tasks for you. So not only will you feel less pressure about organizing your life, you’ll have more time to experience the things you want with a peaceful mind.

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