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When exploring a concierge service, one of the top frequently asked questions we get from a potential client is, “But what if I already have a nanny?” Simply, we can do everything else a nanny cannot or will not have the time to do.

Modern Concierge was built to help complement other support staff like nannies or assistants by using our vast network of connections to get the job done. At Modern Concierge we offer you the opportunity to complete all the nitty gritty tasks of daily life, stress free, and give time back to you for what is actually important. We offer you responsiveness, creativity, and an elite network of connections that you won’t find anywhere else. If it’s ethical and legal, we will take it off your to-do-list. It’s our guarantee.

By definition a nanny is a support staff dedicated to care for children and other daily house activities (Merriam Webster, 2020). Nannies are often so busy taking care of children and the home that they aren’t asked to deal with the small, but plentiful tasks of everyday life that take up time. That’s where Modern Concierge comes in. Can a nanny find a left handed banjo for your niece’s birthday with only a few days notice? With all their responsibilities, probably not. However, that’s the type of service we are focused on. We get the job done when you need it most.

Last minute requests are our bread and butter! Just ask some of our clients. We’ve done it all, and more. From sourcing rare wines to booking last minute vacations; from getting you into the busiest restaurant on a Friday night to finding you a personalized cake on the fly. Whatever the task, we have the connections you need to finally find the time to relax and enjoy life.

Ready to create a life you love? Let us help you! Contact us today at [email protected] to talk to our team and find the right package for you.

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We have customized membership packages starting at $108/month! Need us for a one-off task? We can do that!