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When you think of a summer barbeque, what comes to mind? Most would think of flipping burgers in a backyard while the kids run around, and maybe even jump in the pool, right? But what if you wanted to enjoy the feeling of a relaxing backyard barbeque, but were tired of the normal run of the mill experience?

Our long weekend, Barbeque In The Sky event, was the answer that many of our affluent guests had been looking for.


Using in the beautiful Toronto skyline as our “backyard”, guests were transported to a chic, industrial space that offered the comfort of a casual barbeque, but with an elegant upscale twist. Taking in the scenic views of Lake Ontario and the skyline from the grand 17th floor terrace of the Globe and Mail Centre, created the perfect backdrop for this new kind of barbeque.

Exquisitely curated food with a Brazilian flare was served to guests throughout the evening, proving that there is nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal, where you don’t have to stand behind the grill all day.


Taking advantage of the beautiful summer nights in Toronto, we executed an evening that creatively presented the normal. With a serene feeling in the atmosphere, great food, and flowing drinks, everyone made their introductions, and were soon creating meaningful relationships that will surely last long after the party.

Taking normalcy and turning it on its head, is the perfect way to elevate any experience and keep guests interested and wanting more. Now, the next time any of our guests think of a summer barbeque, a regular backyard just won’t do the trick.



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