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Are you on week 2 or even 3 of being isolated at home – and even TikTok was entertaining for a day or two – but it’s becoming increasingly hard to find new things to do?  Whether you’re at home with the whole family, or isolated by yourself, we at Modern Concierge want to help you out! We have created a list of resources to help you at home, and we’ll be updating this weekly to give you unique, fun, and relevant ideas. Stay tuned for access to some exciting Modern Concierge events as well!


Food & Alcohol

Modern Concierge Tip: Have your dedicated concierge team member do the ordering and coordination for you to save even more time that you need at home!

*Don’t forget to support your local restaurants by using delivery services and apps


Music, Production, and Entertainment 

  • Personalized messages and meet & greets with your favourite celebrities! (contact Modern Concierge for pricing and access)
  • Listen to virtual concerts every day with Live Nation
  • Broadway is offering some amazing virtual hangout with stars from Hamilton, Mean Girls, Frozen, The Lion King, and more! (contact Modern Concierge for pricing and access)
  • Get inspired by the Louvre exhibitions
  • Explore history and visit the Vatican virtually
  • Have a movie night with your friends by using Netflix Party Extension, which allows multiple movie screens to be synced up perfectly
  • Stay connected with friends and family by downloading the HouseParty App


Children’s Resources


Virtual Clubs and Tastings
Stay tuned for upcoming Modern Concierge Virtual Tastings and Webinars!


Family Fitness & Staying Active


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