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As magical as the holiday season is, it’s also stressful. By outsourcing these 7 things during the holidays, you could be giving the best gift to yourself.

December is the most hectic time of the year, and we all know why—the holidays combined with the end of year rush and wrap-up! Our personal and professional lives become so frenzied that we’re just trying to make it through instead of really enjoying it.

There are several things you can do to save your sanity and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. You can wake up at 5 am and pack your to-do lists into a 15 hour work day, OR you can make the decision of outsourcing.

Listen, we know more than anyone how busy the Holidays are – that’s why we have developed a list of our top 7 things that you can easily outsource during the holidays that will have you feeling more like jolly Saint Nick instead of the Grinch.

Outsource the cooking

Between the planning, shopping, and stressing, it becomes more difficult to plan and execute a memorable holiday meal.

Fortunately, plenty of businesses in the GTA area cater for the holidays. From cookie platters to Christmas buffets, restaurants and bakeries in Toronto will help you cross ‘Holiday Cooking’ off your to-do list.

Want something a little more personal? We have a list of the best personal chefs in the area. Hire them for a few hours and get them to cook your favorite meal, while you sit back and enjoy a glass of eggnog.

Hire someone to shop for you

Sure, you can hop online and purchase your holiday gifts with a click of a button and get everything shipped right to your home. But you could be searching for the perfect gift, at the perfect price, for hours!

Instead, outsource your holiday shopping list to a personal shopper. Whether it is heading to the local shops, researching the perfect gifts online, or gift wrapping – outsourcing these tasks will save you several hours that you can put towards enjoying the holidays.

Have someone else put your holiday lights up

Have you ever wanted a Christmas light setup like the Griswolds? This holiday season, leave it to the professionals to give you the best light setup everyone in your neighborhood will enjoy.

Holiday Activities Planning with the Family

Your holiday vacation to Mexico has been canceled this year, but no need to fret. There are plenty of fun activities you and the family can participate in this holiday season that are safe, comfortable and stress free.

Depending on your location, we have a long list of local events that provide Covid-safe regulated activities, indoor and outdoor, that you and the family can enjoy. Don’t spend hours online planning holiday activities. Outsource the planning to a professional.

Help with Holiday Cards

Holiday card writing is an old tradition. It shows the people you care about that you are thinking about them over the holidays. But truth be told, it takes too much time, organization, planning and effort to complete.

At Modern Concierge, all you have to do is send us your holiday family photos and your disorganized excel sheet of addresses and information and we take care of the rest.

Use a tree delivery service

For some people, marching off into the woods or heading to a snow-covered farm to pick out a Christmas tree is a magical part of the holiday season. For others, it’s a major hassle.

Luckily, you can skip the hassle and get that dreamy fresh pine scent delivered to your door.

Not only do we plan and organize the entire process from choosing the tree, to the delivery and setup, but also enjoy doing it too!

The perfect gift for the perfect clients

For those of you who are struggling to buy any last minute gifts for your clients or employees, outsourcing this task is sure to eliminate the stress associated with any end of year business burdens.

Say no more to those ubiquitous tubs of popcorn divided into three flavors. Or the dreaded fruitcake with the weird green jellied things inside. If you want to avoid being the business owner who sends those clichéd goodies, look no further. We have some better ideas in store for you.

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